How do you know if you are having twins?

With the advance in technology and health system, it is very rare these days to have a surprise twin pregnancy. Most people will know they are having twins from the beginning or at least form week 16 when a routine ultrasound is scheduled in most parts of the western world.

You may end up having an ultrasound test earlier if your doctor suspects twins, as it was in my case. I believe when you do the blood test to confirm your pregnancy and the HCG levels (pregnancy hormones) are too high, it can either indicate a twin pregnancy, or you have been pregnant longer than you anticipated.

Even if you do not have any ultrasound test, at some point with regular check ups your doctor will hear two very distinct heart beats.

Also your tummy size is a good indicator of what you are carrying in there ladies!

Another possible indication of twin pregnancy is that your morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms may be exaggerated like severe nausea and vomiting.

If you suspect a multiple pregnancy just ask your doctor to confirm your suspicious.

Tell us other signs of Twins pregnancy that you experienced:


  1. Audriana

    Oh and i had hot flash severe today…ive never had one like it before

  2. Joy

    Hi ladies I’m 7wks pregnant today. This time around feels so much different. I’m literally always hungry for food not junk, my stomach is showing already, I’m nausea all day but no vomiting, dizzy at times & I’m always always TIRED. My stomach feels heavy already. During my first pregnancy I showed at 3 months, morning sickness & vomiting morning only & I wasn’t as tired as I am now. Really wondering if there’s more than one in there? Please help

  3. Sabrina

    Hey ladies! I am 16 weeks pregnant currently. This is my fourth pregnancy and I just feel as is though I’m having twins! My morning sickness is not so bad now that I’m in my second trimester. My breast are tender, my belly is huge. At my 12 week appointment I was measuring 16 weeks. Whenever I walk I am just completely out of breath! It feels like I just ran a marathon! Any thoughts on possibly carrying twins??

  4. Getty

    hi am on my 7th week my belly is already big and i feel cramps often. it’s my first pregnancy i vomit all day all night I feel nausea at seeing any food i can hardly eat anything even water I keep throwing out my heart beats very fast could I be having twins? please help

  5. Lenora

    Hey I don’t if I’m late on this post.. but I’m 30 yrs old I have 4 kids already, while I love dearly and now this will be my fifth if it’s only one I’m about 7 weeks I go for my US tomorrow.. hears the things about 3 weeks ago I had a dream I was on the table getting a ultrasound  (which I didn’t know I was carrying) and the doctor said I see two and I thought in my dream she was speaking a cancer so I crying hysterically and I found out two days later I was indeed pregnant so I’ve been thinking maybe it’s twins .. now I’ve past that in my mind moved on until last night I had a dream of two rats ik disgusting I’m terrified of rats.. but usually I have dreams of cats when I’m pregnant.. always chasing me one particular cat always end up by me. but not this time, this time two rats just staring I can’t take this it’s bothering me the rat thing has me blown.. could I be having twins?

    • Mother of Twins

      You could be having twins but not based on your dreams….

  6. nicole martin

    i am 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant . this is my 5th child . i have 3 boys and 1 girl . this pregnancy so far has been super different . i knew i was pregnant before i tested positive as i had extremely sore breast and i just felt pregnant . so far i have had a little nausea but no vomiting . my sense of smell is out of this world i am so moody its terrible . i can also feel my uterus it feels heavy and big and i already have stretching pains when standing or sitting or coughing . i should also say that i am 38 yrs old and didnt have a period for 2 yrs from taking the pill , stopped and 2 weeks later bam bfp. could it be twins ?

    • Sharelle

      I’m 29 on my 5th.. 3 boys and 1 girl. My girl was first… but I’m only 9 weeks and already look like I’m 4. I’m always sick, disgusting taste in my mouth all day, too tired to get up, and it’s nothing like any of my others. I had one ultrasound at 4 weeks and they didn’t say whether there were two or not but I went to the emergency room for pain, so they did one. By I also k ow one can hide behind the other. I’m hoping for twins but if not I’m still happy just wondering why I’m so big and not even 3months yet.

  7. HH

    I’m somewhere between 6-8 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby.  This pregnancy has been very different. I started with a very long period for me 8 days, then I had 3 days of ovulation bleeding 13 days after my period ended (never had ovulation bleeding before), 33 days later I found out I was pregnant. I have had a lot of cramping, back pain and nausea (never had nausea before), I’m already showing (its really hard to hide right now-in past pregnancies I didnt show until at least 4 months pregnant), I can’t get comfortable at night and have a hard time sleeping, I’ve been having to use the alot, I have a strong feeling of twins. Twins run on my father’s side. I also have had a history of PCOS. 

    • HH

      My question is could it be twins?  I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks. 

  8. Jessica

    Anyone heard of vanishing twin syndrome?
    That may be the case with me.
    My cousins are twins. & my other cousin has a set of twins.
    I always wanted twins but never thought I would ever actually have twins.
    When I had my dating scan at 6 weeks & 3 days we saw 2 babies. Two different sacs. I swear our jaws probably hot the floor when the ultrasound tech mentioned twins.
    We got to see a heartbeat… but the second one didn’t have one.
    They said chances are it will absorb itself back into my body.
    I’m 10 weeks right now.. & I won’t have another ultrasound done until about 13 weeks.
    So I won’t have any idea until then. It’s stressful not knowing if I still have both of my babes growing inside me.
    Im having symptoms but nothing outrageous.
    I was wondering if anyone has been through this ?
    & as a suggestion, maybe put some facts about vanishing twin syndrome on this website as well.

    • Mother of Twins

      Yes, vanishing twin syndrome exists and apparently many pregnancies could start as “twin” pregnancies but because of VTS one many never even find out that they were originally pregnant with twins.

  9. Dominic APU

    I’m a young Father and my wife really wants a TWINS and she’s feeling this kinds of pains, back ache, head ache, tummy rumble and vomiting can any one tell me about if the baby it’s gonna be a boy, girl or twins.

  10. Bianca

    So i had an ultra sound at 5 weeks it showed two sacks and two eggs i had to go back at 8 weeks and it showed one baby and two sacks still i have 6 boys but this pregnancy is alot different i know every pregnancy is different but with my boys their pretty the same either its girl or girls im always hungry around 3 or 4 in the morning i can eat and 30 min later hungry all over again has anyone else been threw this im excited but hoping their twins this is my last pregnancy


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