How do you know you are having twins

With the advance in technology and health system, it is very rare these days to have a surprise twin pregnancy. Most people will know they are having twins from the beginning or at least form week 16 when a routine ultrasound is scheduled in most parts of the western world.

You may end up having an ultrasound test earlier if your doctor suspects twins, as it was in my case. I believe when you do the blood test to confirm your pregnancy and the HCG levels (pregnancy hormones) are too high, it can either indicate a twin pregnancy, or you have been pregnant longer than you anticipated.

Even if you do not have any ultrasound test, at some point with regular check ups your doctor will hear two very distinct heart beats.

Also your tummy size is a good indicator of what you are carrying in there ladies!

Another possible indication of twin pregnancy is that your morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms may be exaggerated like severe nausea and vomiting.

If you suspect a multiple pregnancy just ask your doctor to confirm your suspicious.

Tell us other signs of Twins pregnancy that you experienced:


  1. natasha brooks- morgan says:

    an very tried , very fatigue ,cant sleep in the nite and i have a large tummy and am only 2 months


      • Not sure how to write on here or ask lol. But I’m 5 weeks 6 days im always exhausted I’m constantly hungry I’m cramping a bit and my belly is showing and I have two other kids and I never showed this early and twins is very strong in our families both sides on my husbands side and both sides on my side of the family would i be expecting twins and I have really bad back aches any advice helps I’m just curious 

    • I started showing at 10weeks+ and boy them head ache
      Im 16 now n dont seem to be getten bigger i mean i just had surgery so im not able to enjoy my bl the pain frm the surgery go away ( i had hernia repair) so you can imagen my pain carrying twins and trying to heal 

      • Hello. I’m not sure how long ago this was posted but I have been having exaggerated hunger and extreme exhaustion with this pregnancy. I like you had hernia repair with mesh just a few months ago. Do you think I may be having twins and how did the pregnancy go in terms of the repair you had done? Did you tear it back open or it survived the pregnancy?

    • Ok this is weird. Anyways. This is my 5th pregnancy. With my.previous pregnancy I wasn’t sick from the start later down the road like 2 month I got sick but I’m 4-5weeks and I can’t stop getting sick
      The ringing in my.ears just won’t go away. I can sleep all day if I didn’t have a 2yr old.
      Im always thinking or saying I think there are 2 in there.
      I’ve had dreams/visions about twins
      What does everyone think?
      But the u/s showed at the top a large shaped uterus (like a thing you wear over your eyes at night) and below it a round blob like it was weird.

      • edna Ndukwana says:

        m also 8 weeks today my belly is out its 4th pregnant my daughter she’s seven she say mumy u are going to have twins .my sister have 3 sets of twin in our family last born are I feel so tired and the symptoms are different than the three preg I have

  2. Hi ladies
    I have never experienced any vomiting at all,nausea is not bad my problem is my gp confirmed twins and sent me to gynae who said he can see only one heart beat whereas we saw two with gp I went for third opinion @ clinic they saw two heads and one disappeared before I could see,do I prepare for one or two? any of u ladies experience this(first pregnancy)

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Hi Monica,
      you can wait and see. You will be having many more ultrasounds and then you will know for sure.
      Take it easy.

      • Dallas21 says:

        I’m am about 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant I feel extreme heartburn, tiredness, growth of my belly ! I feel like I’m pregnant with twins also ! It’s a high chance from family history ! My pregnancy is on highspeed also ! I cramped n stretched out a belly extremely! I’m always have such bad nausea! My back hurts I have a migraine ! Hormones so high I could feel I was pregnant the week after I conceived! And from the first pregnancy test it was so early and still show a light line , I have 2 other children and didn’t know anything till 8 weeks or more ! Help!!! Could I have be having twins

        • Mrs imran says:

          Hi I want to know that what u got ?? Twins or one ?? 🙂 I’m feeling heart beat in my belly and having severe headaches and I’m only 5 weeks pregnant . Want to know that it is normal and is this a sign of twin pregnancy???? Please reply soon

  3. Hi ladies:
    I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with b/g twins. I just found out last week at my 18 weeks u/s. My doctors had no clue before then. I did have a very strong maternal instinct that it was twins. I had just had a daughter in a singleton pregnancy the year before and I noticed the differences. I had alot of fatigue and sickness with both of my pregnancies. The difference was everything happened so fast. I began to grow really quickly. I had heartburn extremely early. I was in a highspeed pregnancy. I went for my routine prenatal appointment and the doctor found the heartbeat way down in my pelvis. Two days later my blood pressure shot up and they told me to come into to the office. They found the heartbeat on the opposite side above my belly button. I asked the doctor is she sure its one baby. She said she only heard one heart beat. I went home and told my husband I think it’s two. He just laughed it off like I was crazy. Several weeks later I went in to get the first u/s and after about 30 seconds she looked at me and my husband and said you have twins. My husband said you knew omg I cant believe it. I truly believe that you will definitely have your signs and your body and your instincts will tell you if you are having twins. It definitely helped that this was not my first pregnancy. I was able to compare the differences.

  4. I use I was having twins from the start there was too many signals, server back ache nausea came on way earlier then normal, and wth all my other pregnancy I could feel the fetus even at 5 weeks, it weird I know but I could, it was like a pressure pushing on the womb…anyway I could feel two, first I thought I was mad, my partner thought the same, but I had to go to EPU due to some little bleeding and be hold I’m having twins…my first response was to my partner “told you so”… I will trust my gut feeling next time….

  5. before i even get pregnant i knew that me and my husband will be expecting twins due to our genes. anyways the 1st was i’m always hungry every 2-3hrs even i ate a lot. my baby bumps is bigger than singleton. my coworker always jokes around that he thought i have multiple babies lol i guess he was right.
    my sense of smells is stronger. i’m almost 31wks now and can’t wait to see my twin boys =)

  6. I just found out I am pregnant with twins. I am having a horrible experience. At 10 wks I have went through a lot. with the constant fatigue painful back and it feels like they r coming out of my vagina all the time. the docs are really worried about them but I know my babies r troopers. Who would have thought I would be having twins! im excited but worried at the same time

  7. I am 19 weeks and just found out I am having twin girls.  I am….overwhelmed to say the least.  haha  My tummy was a little bigger than I thought it should be, but I never once got sick.  I did, however, have mild afternoon nausea.  I’m excited to have found this website!  I’ll need as much advice as I can get!

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Hi Meredith,

      Welcome to the site. Ask all the questions you like and we will be more than happy to help out.

      All the best,

      • I have a question i was about 5 weeks and they seen two sacks and two eggs we thought we were having twins then at 8 weeks went back for another sono but they only seen one baby and two sacks i feel like im having to my emotions are all over tbe place i get supper hungry right after i eat and get the mosy hungry around 3 or 4 in the morning like if i never ate before i have 6 boys and they were all the same but thisone is so different my babys heart beat was at 143 and all my boys were 156-179 never that low im thinking twins but dont know can you give me any advise or any stories like that

      • Im 16 weaks pregnant and my tummy is too big and from weak 6 upto now im having serious morning sickness l woke up so moody some days does that mean im carrying twins or baby girl or boy:Confused mom to be

  8. I am 5 weeks pregnant, and I am so short of breath. I dont’ have ashma or any respiratory disease. Could that be a sign that I am carrying twins? My 1st US is scheduled for next week. But I would love to know before. I feel I can’t wait to know. Please help!

    • Hi Simomom ,I felt very short of breath in the early weeks and too thought it was strange later to be followed by severe nausea thought out the day. Iv just found out I’m having identical twins after a trip to the early pregnancy unit with sharp pains! Turns out they were growing pains due to there being two !!!! So happy it’s amazing. Good luck xx

      • Wow…im having these same symptoms like you Zoe: Having short of breath very early….nauseous right through out the day., tummy showing as early at 5 weeks, extreme food aversion, sensitive to smell However, I have not done a U/S to confirmed whether Im having twins. I am really hoping with all these exact symptoms that Im enduring at 10 weeks-I am carrying b/g twins. That would be a dream come through for me 🙂

        • I’m currently 6w+6 days, with an U/S to confirm next week. I’ve been very short of breath the last two weeks, as well as twinges, pulling feelings on both sides. My belly makes me look about 12 weeks! When doc read my results, he said, well your DEFINATELY preg. He didn’t pass on my BHcG levels but it made me thing they were higher.

  9. I have been having different symptoms as well. This is my second pregnancy and my first is 5 years old.
    I am only 7 weeks right now.
    My boobs have been EXTREMELY sore (and were sore 2 weeks before finding out I was pregnant). I have been EXTREMELY tired (and have been since about a week to 2 weeks before finding out I was pregnant). I feel heavy like I have a big belly already but I don’t. My pants line is tight and find I have to undo the button and zipper while in a vehicle otherwise it hurts. I look at myself and I think that I have a bump already but I’m unsure if it’s just bloating? I am also VERY moody (hormonal)!!!
    The thing that throws me off is that I haven’t had bad morning sickness. Not like my first, which was horrible. I have a constant feeling of nausea all day and that’s it.
    I don’t have my first prenatal till September. 26, so I’m still a ways away from an ultra sound or anything.
    Has anyone else had these symptoms while pregnant with twins??? Any advice or thoughts that I may be pregnant with twins, would be appreciated! 

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Hi Christy,

      By the symptoms it could very well be twins. But as you already know it needs to be confirmed by ultrasound. I personally did not have any special symptoms at week 7 to suspect twins. Every pregnancy is different.

      All the best.

      • Yikes! lol **feeling excited and nervous** lol
        I’m definitley wondering  more now! And I’m hoping to get into and ultrasound sooner than later!

        Anyone else who has something to add with your greatly appreciated! 🙂

        • Hi chirsty,  I too have exactly the same symptoms sores boobs like balloons, extreme nausea thought out the day, larger bloated tummy and extremely tiered all the time and moody lol I am 13weeks pregnant with identical twins. I’m so over whelmed,scared and excited. Your symptoms do seems very similar so who knows fingers crossed please let us know. Good luck xx

    • Yes i just kept bugging out like why my pants lineing hurts soo bad when i sit on the bus or why my belly was ova my buttin i was so lost then at 10 weeks i was told i was haven twins im 16 weeks now n it still feel unreal im soo happy n so are my other 3kids

    • just wondering, did you end up having twins?? ????

    • Amanda Hughes says:

      i am currently going thru same symtoms! my son is 5 and i just foundout 2 days ago i am pregnant and im only 10 days after conception! i strongly feel im having twins! i dont have vomiting but severe neusea all day!

  10. Hi Ladies, I am in my 11  week with my first pregnancy and feeling no sickness, nausea nor vomiting but i am experiencing abdomen cramps and tightness its really extreme tightness which sometimes i confuse on how to sleep any advise please.  

  11. Scrummimummi says:

    Hi all, 

    I’m 6 weeks pregnant and this is my second pregnancy… With my first I had 
    No symptoms except bfp at 51/2 weeks..

    This time round…
    *Bfp at 14dpo digi test showing 2-3 weeks and took 30 seconds not 3 mins
    *nausea 7 days before af was due ( still have bad nausea)
    *constant headache
    *have a bump already, clothes too tight around tummy
    *cramps and twinges in uterus
    * a heavy feeling in uterus
    * when I stand up or bend down or cough I get sharp twinges in uterus
    *extremely tender and sore breasts since 10days before af was due, so bad even the shower hurts
    *keep dreaming of twins and seeing twins everywhere
    * jus have a general feeling I’m having twins that I can’t shake 
    *constipation beyond belief
    *exhaustion exhaustion EXHAUSTION…!!! I can’t sit down without nodding off

    I have family history of twins on both my mothers and fathers side, I’m 30 and it’s my second pregnancy and as I’ve said I just can’t seem to shake this feeling of two!!! My OH thinks I’m mad but he now can see that I’m very large for only 6 weeks…! Twins??? Or maybe one very determined boy as my first pregnancy was a girl…. Fingers crossed for a healthy, happy baby/babies xxx

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Please let us know once you know for sure…congrats on your pregnancy.

    • wow this has helped me- me and my GF are speculating, the bump showed at 3 months and she has all these symptoms as well as there about 2 lumps showing in her bump- one on the left and the other on the right of the belly button. she is 25 weeks now and she has a big bump

  12. Hi i am prgnant in 11 weeks now, on my 6 weeks i went to the doc to make ultrasould to confirm my prgnancy. Thw doc was found twins.  I am very happy that time. However, on 10th weeks of prgnant i went to other doc but she only found single. However she can’t confirm it yet. Hmmmm.. hmmmm

    • Mother of Twins says:

      In such cases you most likely need to do an ultrasound. According to my doc twin pregnancies are normally confirmed at week 12. Hope all goes well for you.

  13. I’m only 6 week  pregnacy I still can’t beilive  at scan they say I have twin! I don’t expect it  My family and my parnter family dosent have twin history…. I’m still shock also bit panic how can I cope with twin.. but when scan found twin  they can heart beat but other unsure to early so will have scan again next week. I m still worry  cos waiting to longer until next wednesday. IT will problem one of twin no heart beat. Any adisve me about twin pregancy

  14. I’m six weeks pregnant with my 3rd child, both my previous pregnancy’s had no symptoms apart from heart burn later on and I was rather energetic early on. This time I’ve been feeling extremely tired all the time even waking up on the morning is really difficult and I find myself falling asleep after tea. My breasts are so sore the slightest knock feels like a punch upon a bruise and I seem to be angry all the time over nothing. Last night I felt like butterfly’s in my stomach a lot like a tickle on the inside. I know not every pregnancy is the same but could any mother of twins relate to this as I have the feeling there’s more than one.

    • I am 12 weeks pregnant and I am expecting twins. I have had a singleton pregnancy and noticed some differences with my current pregnancy. I felt nausea and hot flashes before I had even missed my period, I didn’t feel these symptoms as early with my singleton pregnancy. I have been much more nauseated this time than I did with my singleton pregnancy. I am already showing to the point where it’s hard to hard to hide my baby bump. I am much bigger this time than I was with my singleton pregnancy. I have been much more tired and emotional this time. Also everyone says it’s not possible but I’ve felt movement since about 9 weeks and I didn’t feel movement until way later with my singleton pregnancy. 

    • I forgot to mention. I had several dreams that I was having twins. I had a feeling that I was having twins. 

    • I am 6 weeks , and highly feel like i am having multiples!!! My hcg level went from 363 to 2,041 in four days , ultrasound scheduled for Feb 23rd~…. I am already tired but with this one here , i hv to sit or lay down all day long .. I have 3 girls … i will keep u posted….

  15. Im 12 weeks and 1 day with twins only found out last week thats it twins coz i had some bleeding and pain ive been on bed rest for week and due for scan again this sunday hopeing everythink ok this is my 5 th pregance 3 boys 1 miscarriage at 12 weeks 

  16. I am about 7 weeks pregnant. I am having extreme nausea, an extremely strong sense of smell to the point that if there is any kind of strong scent that I start gagging , and extreme fatigue to the point I am almost unable to get anything done without taking at least a two hour nap. I think it’s twins but my fiancé doesn’t I want to know what you think. Could it be twins?

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Hi Lisa
      Any pregnancy is different. It sounds like it can be. But if it is your first pregnancy, it could be your body adjusting to all the hormones too.
      At your checkup your doctor may suspect a twin pregnancy if your hormone levels are too high.
      Best of luck.

  17. rebecca mcneill says:

    I am about 4 weeks pregnant. this is my second pregnancy and feel like I might be having twins. I had to stay in hospital for 2 days and they did blood tests and said my hormones were at the 4000 range and I have a really high blood pressure. does this mean I could be having twins? I am constantly tired as well. could it be twins?

  18. Hi, I am 10 weeks pregnant. This is my 4th pregnancy. With my other three I had no such feelings than I have 4-5 weeks I went to er because I was having terrible back pain. The ultrasound saw only one yolk sac. I know my chances of having twins r very slim. My question is, is it to early at about 5 weeks to tell if u r having twins? By the way I haven’t start my prenatal visit yet due to my constant travelling…

    • I had to have an ultrasound early because I was bleeding around my 7th week and when they did mine they only found one yoke sack, but I have heard that even if its just one its possible to still have twins because its so early on they cant see the actual baby don’t know how accurate that is, now at week 16 i’m going in for my ultrasound in a couple weeks, and with this pregnancy I’ve gained about 10 pounds and I look like i’m about due I have had a lot of things different with this pregnancy than with any other I have had. I have 2 living and 1 miscarriage this would be my 4th pregnancy and like one of the lady’s commented earlier in oct. 2013 i’m having all the back pain, the pain down below, the heaviness of the uterus, the migraines, the constipation(thank goodness for dulsolax laxatives), the sharp pains in the uterus and cramps and i’m so tired all the time that if I get up out of bed for more than an hour i’m ready for a nap, can anyone help me figure out if im having twins or just a normal pregnancy?

  19. I m 8 week pregnant but my stomach is showing already and I m always tried can’t sleep at night and my Moody’s keep on changing every hour symptom are getting more and more it could be that I m carrying twins please help

  20. I am 39 years old. I am 16 weeks, 3 days pregnant. I have had from early on and still have the normal nauseous feeling as I have with all of my children. It seems like I feel sick on my stomach all day and through the evening, the feeling comes and goes. I feel like my stomach is so big. I have had 2 ultrasounds, one when I was 6 weeks and the second when I was 9 weeks. The dr. only saw one baby. But at my last dr. appointment the dr. heard 2 heartbeats through the doppler, I heard 2 heartbeats also. She said that it probably was my heartbeat and also the baby’s. I have headaches alot and backaches. I feel like it could be twins. I see twins everywhere more so now than ever. My next ultrasound is at 19 weeks. I hope I will get some answers.

    • I should also say my hcg level early on was 197 and then the next day it was 724

      • Could anyone please give me their advice. Thank you!

        • Hey I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks with identical twins that shared a gestational sac….. I knew from the beginning even though it was my first pregnancy it was twins, my symptoms were all just so exaggerated, I decided to go for a scan privately as it was doing my head in not knowing and the lady first did an abdominal scan and saw two then as there was no heartbeat and they looked small said she would do a vaginal one and told me she got it wrong there was only one but till no heartbeat….. however it was confirmed when I went to the hospital in floods of tears to confirm the miscarriage that there was infact twins but one must have been hiding behind the other when she scanned me vaginally. So I guess it can happen
          How did your next scan go ? Hope all is well

  21. Gloria. Ross says:

    I just had ultrasound with my twins yesterday,16 weeks and they noticed 1 of my baby is unhealthy,does anybody experienced about this I am so unhappy,does the ultrasound is 1100 percent 

  22. rosiejay says:

    I knew I was pregnant at 4 weeks,I went for scan I saw one sac at 6weeks,but my doc didn’t mention anything like twins or more,nausea & vomiting came up earlier, I became breathless went for test,doc told me nothing is wrong with my health that am very much okay,now am 16weeks my bump is big and heavy,am feeling back pain,having sleepless nights,headache,unlike my 2 other kids,this is so different am afraid to go for u/s,somebody please tell me,could all this be a sign of twins?thanks

  23. Michelle says:

    I am 8/9 weeks now my first month was hell i had morning sickness thru out the day….. my tumy is already showing and my blader feels so heavy and fill all the time i have headache in the morning when i wake up. Is it possible to have twins?

  24. Shocked&awed says:

    Just found out yesterday that we are having twins!!! I was horrified at the news because this is my first pregnancy and I was scared to have one baby, and to find out its 2!!!!!????!!!!! Wow! After the shock and horror wore off I began to see this as such a blessing and I can’t wait to meet my babies. I’m only 8 weeks but there were two very strong heartbeats!!!! Other than normal pregnancy symptoms, Some of my symptoms have been “running out of breath easily” and extreme food aversions, horrible nausea, very high sense of smell and the line on my vajj rising up to my stomach started very early. Best wishes to all of us mom of twins! What a special blessing!!!

  25. I feel a tightness in my uterus for weeks now. If i am preggo i should be 6 weeks…still the tightness is there. Then i felt an aching pain on the left and the right of my womb, my guess is this is a corpus luteum cyst on either side. I shoukd be pregnant with fraternal twins if such is the case. But i have an u/s tmr so i would know then. Also i had almost black out sorta faintish feelings and awful dizzy spells! Nothing like my first pregnancy. Then too i keep dreaming of twins.

  26. Last week I visited clinic , they check my stomach n measure it den dey told me dat I have “QUERY BIG BABY / MULTIPLE PREGNANCY” so I’m socked plz help. .my headache all. ..

  27. Last week I visited clinic , they check my stomach n measure it den dey told me dat I have “QUERY BIG BABY / MULTIPLE PREGNANCY” so I’m socked plz help. .my headache always

  28. I’m 39 weeks pregnant and 3days but today my doctor told me that I have twins the ultrasound beat at both side is it possible to have twins or the ultrasound made mistake pls help me I’m stressed

    • Mother of Twins says:

      at 39 weeks you are almost done, are not you?
      Ultrasound does not lie. If they see 2, there is 2.

  29. Crystal says:

    Well this website has brought some insight. I found out I was pregnant in March and am now 16 weeks. I told my husband in the beginning that it is either a girl or twins. I have three boys now. My boobs have been extra sensitive. I have had a lot of headaches, growing pains, so tired and sleepy through the day, not wanting to eat, nausea through the day, I smell EVERYTHING, my belly is kinda big…. I can’t get twins out of my head. Also, I suspected I was pregnant two weeks before I confirmed. I only had one u/s at 8 weeks. Today we are going for a 3D and to do a gender check. I guess either way I will find out 🙂

  30. Cristina says:

    Hi I’m pregnant with my third I have never felt so nauseous and belly cramps little bleeding not much very sore breast and already felt a little kick at 5 weeks I never had any of this with my other pregnancy I’m only 8-9 weeks and already have a bigger belly my pants are tight but I can still wear them have my first appointment next Tuesday could it be possible that it’s twins

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Hi Cristina,

      You could be pregnant with twins. Also keep in mind that each pregnancy is different. The only way to know for sure is to do an ultrasound.
      Good luck and let us know.

  31. Hi

    I’m 18 weeks pregnant with Twins, im in so much pain, its so uncomfortable , is any1 expecting twins going through the same thing

  32. Hi,I’m 5weeks  my chest feels heavy, I keep getting hot flashs, dizziness , feeling of lightheadness disrupted sleep no  energy to do nothing, feel sick, tearful, low in mood ratty ,sense of smell in over drive nipped are very tender, I have had my left tube removed could there still be a possibility of carring twins I also had extreme pains on my right side! Please help, tried of feeling so terrible doe Amy one have any tips? Please? Still got 8 month to going and feel deflated 

  33. hyline kemunto says:

    Hi, i am 13weeks pregnant and have been having bad nausea, backache, high sensitivity of smell, moody, feeling like sleeping every time, cold, i feel like itching my stomach, i feel the space in the stomach is small and i feel uncomfortable when sleeping sideways. Is there a possibility of having twins? please let me know.

  34. Cristina 22 says:

    I need help any advice…..I am 6 days (07/16/16)behind on my cycle and 3 days before I had what I think is IB along with lower back aches, sensitive smell , and have felt bloated ,also metallic taste. I have taken 4 hpt and get a BFN. I am for sure I’m pregnant but blood work says otherwise. What do you ladies think? Can I be pregnant with twins I dream of that possibility help

  35. I’m pregnant with my third baby but this time is different. I’m only 3 weeks 5 days. My period isn’t even due until next Sunday. Yet three days ago I started having symptoms. Two days ago I tested positive. I know for sure conception since we only dtd once this last cycle. The fatigue is severe. I wasn’t this bad until 8 weeks with my other two. I’m light headed, having to pee, slight nausea, moody, pressure in my uterus, and hungry. This seems absurd. Then I thought, what about twins? What do you guys think? 

  36. I am 10 weeks pregnant my last pregnancy was twin girls age 8 now this pregnancy is out if this world i had extreme sickness morning noon and night no vomiting or anything just nausea got so bad to my mouth would water breast would hurt
    Back pains and cramping im woundering if this could be another set of twins oh and twins run very heavy on my side theres 10 sets

  37. Pregnantmum says:

    Hi I’m 37 weeks +1
    I found out I was pregnant at 6weeks 3ultrasounds and three different doctors
    All joked I could be having twins as the size
    Of my bump was unusual for being so early
    After there was no twin pregnancy confirmed
    My baby Is growing at a rapid rate
    No diabetes
    I had a scan Wednesday the heart beat could be found on the lower left side of my abdomen
    6mins later a scan was done confirming my
    Baby was in fact laying on the right side upper abdomen and the heart beat was located there Im also convinced Iv seen a second baby on the scan
    I feel like I’m loosing my mind but can’t shake
    This feeling I know it’s highly unlikely
    But still possible for a baby to be hidden behind another my baby’s weight at the moment is 8lb 9Oz anyone had a similar experience

  38. Schanovia Cooper says:

    Hi. I am 18 weeks and 4days. I’m not really gaining weight much. My stomach is mot hard and not to big. I have had 2 ultrasounds at 8weeks. It shows only one baby. The first ultrasound the baby was active second one not active at all. It was super hard to get a heartbeat. Every doctors apt it’s hard to get the a heartbeat.  My doctor said my baby is extremely lazy and stubborn.  But this pregnancy is so different from my other 3. I’m always tired. Something just hit me. Maybe I have 2 babies and that’s why it’s not active or the heartbeat is hard to find. Also I bleed very heavy during my first trimester.  And have a lot if back pains. So far my doctor says it is just one. 

  39.  Am almost 18 weeks ,At around my second month it was like hell ,I was so so sick buh I eat plenty of food and I don’t loose weight and I had serious cough and nausea for like good two months and now I feel pain lower my abdomen most times I don’t feel comfortable in breathing, I don’t know how to lie and I feel very heavy like am dropping soon ….so I don’t know 

  40. So i had an ultra sound at 5 weeks it showed two sacks and two eggs i had to go back at 8 weeks and it showed one baby and two sacks still i have 6 boys but this pregnancy is alot different i know every pregnancy is different but with my boys their pretty the same either its girl or girls im always hungry around 3 or 4 in the morning i can eat and 30 min later hungry all over again has anyone else been threw this im excited but hoping their twins this is my last pregnancy

  41. Dominic APU says:

    I’m a young Father and my wife really wants a TWINS and she’s feeling this kinds of pains, back ache, head ache, tummy rumble and vomiting can any one tell me about if the baby it’s gonna be a boy, girl or twins.

  42. Anyone heard of vanishing twin syndrome?
    That may be the case with me.
    My cousins are twins. & my other cousin has a set of twins.
    I always wanted twins but never thought I would ever actually have twins.
    When I had my dating scan at 6 weeks & 3 days we saw 2 babies. Two different sacs. I swear our jaws probably hot the floor when the ultrasound tech mentioned twins.
    We got to see a heartbeat… but the second one didn’t have one.
    They said chances are it will absorb itself back into my body.
    I’m 10 weeks right now.. & I won’t have another ultrasound done until about 13 weeks.
    So I won’t have any idea until then. It’s stressful not knowing if I still have both of my babes growing inside me.
    Im having symptoms but nothing outrageous.
    I was wondering if anyone has been through this ?
    & as a suggestion, maybe put some facts about vanishing twin syndrome on this website as well.

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Yes, vanishing twin syndrome exists and apparently many pregnancies could start as “twin” pregnancies but because of VTS one many never even find out that they were originally pregnant with twins.

  43. I’m somewhere between 6-8 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby.  This pregnancy has been very different. I started with a very long period for me 8 days, then I had 3 days of ovulation bleeding 13 days after my period ended (never had ovulation bleeding before), 33 days later I found out I was pregnant. I have had a lot of cramping, back pain and nausea (never had nausea before), I’m already showing (its really hard to hide right now-in past pregnancies I didnt show until at least 4 months pregnant), I can’t get comfortable at night and have a hard time sleeping, I’ve been having to use the alot, I have a strong feeling of twins. Twins run on my father’s side. I also have had a history of PCOS. 

  44. nicole martin says:

    i am 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant . this is my 5th child . i have 3 boys and 1 girl . this pregnancy so far has been super different . i knew i was pregnant before i tested positive as i had extremely sore breast and i just felt pregnant . so far i have had a little nausea but no vomiting . my sense of smell is out of this world i am so moody its terrible . i can also feel my uterus it feels heavy and big and i already have stretching pains when standing or sitting or coughing . i should also say that i am 38 yrs old and didnt have a period for 2 yrs from taking the pill , stopped and 2 weeks later bam bfp. could it be twins ?

  45. Hey I don’t if I’m late on this post.. but I’m 30 yrs old I have 4 kids already, while I love dearly and now this will be my fifth if it’s only one I’m about 7 weeks I go for my US tomorrow.. hears the things about 3 weeks ago I had a dream I was on the table getting a ultrasound  (which I didn’t know I was carrying) and the doctor said I see two and I thought in my dream she was speaking a cancer so I crying hysterically and I found out two days later I was indeed pregnant so I’ve been thinking maybe it’s twins .. now I’ve past that in my mind moved on until last night I had a dream of two rats ik disgusting I’m terrified of rats.. but usually I have dreams of cats when I’m pregnant.. always chasing me one particular cat always end up by me. but not this time, this time two rats just staring I can’t take this it’s bothering me the rat thing has me blown.. could I be having twins?

  46. hi am on my 7th week my belly is already big and i feel cramps often. it’s my first pregnancy i vomit all day all night I feel nausea at seeing any food i can hardly eat anything even water I keep throwing out my heart beats very fast could I be having twins? please help

  47. Hey ladies! I am 16 weeks pregnant currently. This is my fourth pregnancy and I just feel as is though I’m having twins! My morning sickness is not so bad now that I’m in my second trimester. My breast are tender, my belly is huge. At my 12 week appointment I was measuring 16 weeks. Whenever I walk I am just completely out of breath! It feels like I just ran a marathon! Any thoughts on possibly carrying twins??

  48. Hi ladies I’m 7wks pregnant today. This time around feels so much different. I’m literally always hungry for food not junk, my stomach is showing already, I’m nausea all day but no vomiting, dizzy at times & I’m always always TIRED. My stomach feels heavy already. During my first pregnancy I showed at 3 months, morning sickness & vomiting morning only & I wasn’t as tired as I am now. Really wondering if there’s more than one in there? Please help

  49. Oh and i had hot flash severe today…ive never had one like it before

  50. Darla Feeback says:

    I am very curios if Im having twins? Its been 3 gens on my side and 0 on dh. Im 4 weeks today. I got my first extremely strong bfp 11dpo ( it was the strong as it would be for 16dpo) I have had extreme morning sickness since 12dpo and spent most of the night vomiting. My bbt rose to 99.27 this AM after about 4hrs of sleep. I have already went up 2 bra sizes. Im a bit over weight so I cant tell if Im showing already. But I’m really curious. What was some early like 1-2 weeks after ovulation symptoms of twins.

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