How do you know you are having twins

With the advance in technology and health system, it is very rare these days to have a surprise twin pregnancy. Most people will know they are having twins from the beginning or at least form week 16 when a routine ultrasound is scheduled in most parts of the western world.

You may end up having an ultrasound test earlier if your doctor suspects twins, as it was in my case. I believe when you do the blood test to confirm your pregnancy and the HCG levels (pregnancy hormones) are too high, it can either indicate a twin pregnancy, or you have been pregnant longer than you anticipated.

Even if you do not have any ultrasound test, at some point with regular check ups your doctor will hear two very distinct heart beats.

Also your tummy size is a good indicator of what you are carrying in there ladies!

Another possible indication of twin pregnancy is that your morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms may be exaggerated like severe nausea and vomiting.

If you suspect a multiple pregnancy just ask your doctor to confirm your suspicious.

Tell us other signs of Twins pregnancy that you experienced:


  1. natasha brooks- morgan says:

    an very tried , very fatigue ,cant sleep in the nite and i have a large tummy and am only 2 months


    • I started showing at 10weeks+ and boy them head ache
      Im 16 now n dont seem to be getten bigger i mean i just had surgery so im not able to enjoy my bl the pain frm the surgery go away ( i had hernia repair) so you can imagen my pain carrying twins and trying to heal 

  2. Hi ladies
    I have never experienced any vomiting at all,nausea is not bad my problem is my gp confirmed twins and sent me to gynae who said he can see only one heart beat whereas we saw two with gp I went for third opinion @ clinic they saw two heads and one disappeared before I could see,do I prepare for one or two? any of u ladies experience this(first pregnancy)

    • Hi Monica,
      you can wait and see. You will be having many more ultrasounds and then you will know for sure.
      Take it easy.

  3. Hi ladies:
    I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with b/g twins. I just found out last week at my 18 weeks u/s. My doctors had no clue before then. I did have a very strong maternal instinct that it was twins. I had just had a daughter in a singleton pregnancy the year before and I noticed the differences. I had alot of fatigue and sickness with both of my pregnancies. The difference was everything happened so fast. I began to grow really quickly. I had heartburn extremely early. I was in a highspeed pregnancy. I went for my routine prenatal appointment and the doctor found the heartbeat way down in my pelvis. Two days later my blood pressure shot up and they told me to come into to the office. They found the heartbeat on the opposite side above my belly button. I asked the doctor is she sure its one baby. She said she only heard one heart beat. I went home and told my husband I think it’s two. He just laughed it off like I was crazy. Several weeks later I went in to get the first u/s and after about 30 seconds she looked at me and my husband and said you have twins. My husband said you knew omg I cant believe it. I truly believe that you will definitely have your signs and your body and your instincts will tell you if you are having twins. It definitely helped that this was not my first pregnancy. I was able to compare the differences.

  4. I use I was having twins from the start there was too many signals, server back ache nausea came on way earlier then normal, and wth all my other pregnancy I could feel the fetus even at 5 weeks, it weird I know but I could, it was like a pressure pushing on the womb…anyway I could feel two, first I thought I was mad, my partner thought the same, but I had to go to EPU due to some little bleeding and be hold I’m having twins…my first response was to my partner “told you so”… I will trust my gut feeling next time….

  5. before i even get pregnant i knew that me and my husband will be expecting twins due to our genes. anyways the 1st was i’m always hungry every 2-3hrs even i ate a lot. my baby bumps is bigger than singleton. my coworker always jokes around that he thought i have multiple babies lol i guess he was right.
    my sense of smells is stronger. i’m almost 31wks now and can’t wait to see my twin boys =)

  6. I just found out I am pregnant with twins. I am having a horrible experience. At 10 wks I have went through a lot. with the constant fatigue painful back and it feels like they r coming out of my vagina all the time. the docs are really worried about them but I know my babies r troopers. Who would have thought I would be having twins! im excited but worried at the same time

  7. I am 19 weeks and just found out I am having twin girls.  I am….overwhelmed to say the least.  haha  My tummy was a little bigger than I thought it should be, but I never once got sick.  I did, however, have mild afternoon nausea.  I’m excited to have found this website!  I’ll need as much advice as I can get!

    • Hi Meredith,

      Welcome to the site. Ask all the questions you like and we will be more than happy to help out.

      All the best,

  8. I am 5 weeks pregnant, and I am so short of breath. I dont’ have ashma or any respiratory disease. Could that be a sign that I am carrying twins? My 1st US is scheduled for next week. But I would love to know before. I feel I can’t wait to know. Please help!

  9. I have been having different symptoms as well. This is my second pregnancy and my first is 5 years old.
    I am only 7 weeks right now.
    My boobs have been EXTREMELY sore (and were sore 2 weeks before finding out I was pregnant). I have been EXTREMELY tired (and have been since about a week to 2 weeks before finding out I was pregnant). I feel heavy like I have a big belly already but I don’t. My pants line is tight and find I have to undo the button and zipper while in a vehicle otherwise it hurts. I look at myself and I think that I have a bump already but I’m unsure if it’s just bloating? I am also VERY moody (hormonal)!!!
    The thing that throws me off is that I haven’t had bad morning sickness. Not like my first, which was horrible. I have a constant feeling of nausea all day and that’s it.
    I don’t have my first prenatal till September. 26, so I’m still a ways away from an ultra sound or anything.
    Has anyone else had these symptoms while pregnant with twins??? Any advice or thoughts that I may be pregnant with twins, would be appreciated! 

    • Hi Christy,

      By the symptoms it could very well be twins. But as you already know it needs to be confirmed by ultrasound. I personally did not have any special symptoms at week 7 to suspect twins. Every pregnancy is different.

      All the best.

      • Yikes! lol **feeling excited and nervous** lol
        I’m definitley wondering  more now! And I’m hoping to get into and ultrasound sooner than later!

        Anyone else who has something to add with your greatly appreciated! :)

    • Yes i just kept bugging out like why my pants lineing hurts soo bad when i sit on the bus or why my belly was ova my buttin i was so lost then at 10 weeks i was told i was haven twins im 16 weeks now n it still feel unreal im soo happy n so are my other 3kids

  10. Hi Ladies, I am in my 11  week with my first pregnancy and feeling no sickness, nausea nor vomiting but i am experiencing abdomen cramps and tightness its really extreme tightness which sometimes i confuse on how to sleep any advise please.  

  11. Scrummimummi says:

    Hi all, 

    I’m 6 weeks pregnant and this is my second pregnancy… With my first I had 
    No symptoms except bfp at 51/2 weeks..

    This time round…
    *Bfp at 14dpo digi test showing 2-3 weeks and took 30 seconds not 3 mins
    *nausea 7 days before af was due ( still have bad nausea)
    *constant headache
    *have a bump already, clothes too tight around tummy
    *cramps and twinges in uterus
    * a heavy feeling in uterus
    * when I stand up or bend down or cough I get sharp twinges in uterus
    *extremely tender and sore breasts since 10days before af was due, so bad even the shower hurts
    *keep dreaming of twins and seeing twins everywhere
    * jus have a general feeling I’m having twins that I can’t shake 
    *constipation beyond belief
    *exhaustion exhaustion EXHAUSTION…!!! I can’t sit down without nodding off

    I have family history of twins on both my mothers and fathers side, I’m 30 and it’s my second pregnancy and as I’ve said I just can’t seem to shake this feeling of two!!! My OH thinks I’m mad but he now can see that I’m very large for only 6 weeks…! Twins??? Or maybe one very determined boy as my first pregnancy was a girl…. Fingers crossed for a healthy, happy baby/babies xxx

  12. Hi i am prgnant in 11 weeks now, on my 6 weeks i went to the doc to make ultrasould to confirm my prgnancy. Thw doc was found twins.  I am very happy that time. However, on 10th weeks of prgnant i went to other doc but she only found single. However she can’t confirm it yet. Hmmmm.. hmmmm

    • In such cases you most likely need to do an ultrasound. According to my doc twin pregnancies are normally confirmed at week 12. Hope all goes well for you.

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