How do you know if you are having twins?

With the advance in technology and health system, it is very rare these days to have a surprise twin pregnancy. Most people will know they are having twins from the beginning or at least form week 16 when a routine ultrasound is scheduled in most parts of the western world.

You may end up having an ultrasound test earlier if your doctor suspects twins, as it was in my case. I believe when you do the blood test to confirm your pregnancy and the HCG levels (pregnancy hormones) are too high, it can either indicate a twin pregnancy, or you have been pregnant longer than you anticipated.

Even if you do not have any ultrasound test, at some point with regular check ups your doctor will hear two very distinct heart beats.

Also your tummy size is a good indicator of what you are carrying in there ladies!

Another possible indication of twin pregnancy is that your morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms may be exaggerated like severe nausea and vomiting.

If you suspect a multiple pregnancy just ask your doctor to confirm your suspicious.

Tell us other signs of Twins pregnancy that you experienced:


  1. Esther

    Am 9 weeks pregnant with my second baby.during my first pregnancy I didn’t have any disturbing feeling; was just OK with no nausea,no vomiting n gave birth to a baby boy, this time I have a outrageous feeling, from the first week I started having persistent headache and later my eyes started paining but later stopped after 3weeks, feeling nausea everyday,onion ,lotion smell r so belly s big compared to my first pregnancy, could I be carrying a baby girl or am I carrying twins?

  2. Darla Feeback

    I am very curios if Im having twins? Its been 3 gens on my side and 0 on dh. Im 4 weeks today. I got my first extremely strong bfp 11dpo ( it was the strong as it would be for 16dpo) I have had extreme morning sickness since 12dpo and spent most of the night vomiting. My bbt rose to 99.27 this AM after about 4hrs of sleep. I have already went up 2 bra sizes. Im a bit over weight so I cant tell if Im showing already. But I’m really curious. What was some early like 1-2 weeks after ovulation symptoms of twins.


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