Twins Strollers

You have a few options when in comes to strollers for twins.  The double strollers are either side by side or tandem, each with it’s own pros and cons.

Side by Side Twins Strollers

The seats of side by side strollers are placed next to each other.  The advantage with side by side twins strollers is that both seats can recline all the way.  However, because both seats are next to each other, it is bulkier and may be difficult to take this stroller through narrow isles or narrow doorways.

Tandem Twins Strollers

The seats on tandem twins strollers are located one behind the other.  The advantage of a tandem stroller is that it is very narrow and easily maneuverable.  However, the twin who sits in the back may not have as much leg room, or the seat of the twin at the front may not recline as much. Peg Perego Duette is the solution to this issue by offering the ability to re-position the seats, in which the babies can either seat facing each other or one behind the other. (picture and link at the bottom).

Travel Systems

Tandem strollers that come with at least one infant car seat / carrier are often referred to as travel systems. You can always add the second infant seat that you need. Just make sure it is the same brand.

 The infant carrier can be very handy when you suddenly have to bottle feed two hungry babies at the same time.

Jogging Strollers For Twins

They are basically your side by side strollers designed for athletes or runners.  They have 3 big wheels for easy movement.

 Our choice

We chose the Duo Glider travel system by Graco.  It is easy to use and fold.  The back seat reclines all the way down, but if you do so, there is no room for the diaper bag. The front seat reclines partially.  I wish there was more room in the storage area underneath. For some reason this stroller came with one infant car seat and we had to purchase the other car seat.  I really liked this stroller and besides the feeding tip, imagine taking the little ones to the doctors office without them?

* Now that my twins are older, sometimes I wish that I had both types of strollers.  Even though side by side strollers are not practical in the stores, my twins have their moments in the tandem type.  The twin which seats in the back pulls the hair of the other one or pushes the front seat with her legs, making the other twin mad!!!!!  Oh well, never a dull moment with twins.


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