Cribs for Twins

At some point in time you need 2 cribs for your twins.  However, at the beginning you can let your twins share a crib.  In that case you can get a Crib Spacer which will give each baby a little separation. However, it is not needed and your twins can enjoy each other’s company.

Meanwhile, with so many different styles of cribs in the market, it can be difficult to choose one.  Of course safety and the price will affect your final decision.  All cribs should have a certificate indicating that they meet safety standards set by the Juvenile Products Manufacture’s Association aka JPMS.

Cribs should be sturdy.  The distance between the crib bars should not be more than 2 3/8 of an inch. The crib should have at least 2 preferably 3 adjustable heights.  As babies grow and can stand in the crib you need to lower the base of your crib to the lowest adjustable level. There should be no cracks or breakages anywhere in the crib. The bottom of the crib where mattress sits can either be made of flat board or metal.  Metallic ones are supposed to be more sturdy and are more expensive.

The crib mattress should be a snug fit for the crib. You should be able to move the side railing easily with one hand preferably! At home try not to place the crib close to windows, any cords, or plugs. If you get an older crib from hand me downs or garage sales, make sure it is only a few years old.  It should still meet the current safely standards.

 To save money, you may like to get convertible cribs that will grow with your babies and turn into toddler beds.

According to Health Canada cribs made before September 1986 do not meet the current safety standards.

 Our choice

We have both a Morigeau-lapine and one Storkcraft convertible. They are both good – except one costs 3 times more than the other!


Jamie Convertible Crib Jamie Convertible Crib

Intrinsic Beauty Simple in design with a touch of class our Jamie Convertible Crib features smooth slats sleigh style design and scalloped posts Its quality construction and conversion options ensure that you will enjoy this crib for years to come With a timeless design and beautiful finishes this crib will enhance any baby’s nursery

Anastasia Crib Anastasia Crib

The Complete Nursery Solution Stylish elegant yet functional this great collection boasts solid wood construction non-toxic finishes and numerous safety features that’s sure to please even the most safety conscious mom Elegant sleigh curves and decorative legs adorn the furniture pieces and are the trademarks of this beautiful collection Colors Available: Cherry White Oak

Cottage Verona Crib Cottage Verona Crib

An Aged Beauty of a Crib This magnificent Cottage Verona Crib with its exquisite design and aged feel will set your little ones nursery into a class of its own It is made of solid wood construction with extreme detail to quality and perfection The painstakingly applied hand painted design with a distressed finish and the antique style make this crib the most stunning masterpiece that it is Be it for your little prince or for your precious darling you can choose from the beautiful finishes available in which to set this luxurious crib Guaranteed to be a heirloom piece that will be enjoyed for generations Custom Options are available upon request

Twin Heart Crib Twin Heart Crib

Doubled with Love Express your love to your little ones in a most unique way Specially designed for mothers of twins our Twin Heart Crib can easily be configured in four different ways With quality craftsmanship and your little ones safety in mind this crib will be one to treasure Select the color of your choice and choose to display it with or without the canopy to create the look that best suits your taste Multi-position sure-lock base Easily converts into 4 configurations


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Cribs for Twins