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  1. Jessica

    My sister is 5 years older than me, and last year she gave birth to fraternal twins.  This year I found out i was pregnant (which was a surprise)…and guess what! I am pregnant with twins, except they are identical.  What are the chances of that!! 🙂

    • Jana

      wow awesome, how far along are u?

  2. Iwannah

    When I came home with the news that we are having fraternal twins. My family was so excited, and when I called my mom it was not on the best day, because she didn’t believe me at all. I called her on April 1st. lol! 
    My 4 year old now knows I am having two babies, one day she asked me if I ate the babies lol!  We are very happy to be blessed with twins. 

  3. Rose

    Hubby and I started trying for a baby in December 2014, so we were thrilled when my Feb period didn’t come, I tested on the 9th and it came back positive, my lmp was 01/01/15. I’ve been referring to the baby as ‘Bubble’ since then, but hubby insisted on saying ‘Bubbles’ to which I kept warning him not to jinx it, went for my scheduled 12 week dating scan on Saturday March 28th (when I thought I was 12+2) only to see two very distinct sacs! Measuring 11+1 both my babies are fine – hubby got a gentle smack up-side the head for jinxing us tho! XD Xxx

  4. brandi

    When i first found out we were pregnant, I told my 5 yr old that she finally got what she wanted. I told her that mommy is going to have a baby. She then looked at me and said so I get two now? 🙂 little did we know, she was right. We found out at 7 weeks that we were in fact, expecting twins. She now always asks what the babies are doing when she sees the sonos with me. And she never leaves either baby out on kisses, She always makes sure to kiss my belly twice, atleast one for each baby!!

  5. Amy

    We have 4 boys so we thought we would try for one more due to the large age gap between our last baby and my husbands youngest son. (9 years apart)
    When we went for our first ultrasound at 12 weeks, the tech was super quiet. Finally she said ‘well.. And held up 2 fingers. I said ‘That better be a peace sign!’ Sure enough twins lol. Now we will have 6 kids lol. We don’t even have a vehicle to hold us all

  6. Rayshauna

    I went in for my 5 month Prenatal visit with my son and he told the doctor that seen me that visit, “Are you going to take out the babies now?’ the doctor replied, “No, sonny, thier still too small.” Here he thought we were going to gets the babies out that day… he’s funny…

  7. Miranda

    We knew we were pregnant and have always joked about twins but of coarse never thought we’d end up with our own.  Was totally different first trimester than with my son, really bad nausea and tired as heck, with my son was no sickness at all but I ended up with high blood pressure AND gestational diabetes though had my energy all the way through.  But had some spotting at 8 weeks and freaked me right out so I went to the ER tears and all to get checked, my doctor came down away from his patients and spent 45 mins getting a quick lesson from the head lab guy to help him find my baby on ultrasound (Our hospitals US tech just retired and hasn’t been replaced yet). Yay relief! Baby healthy and kicking with strong heartbeat! So imagine my and my docs surprise when there was an extra baby in there when we had my first scheduled ultrasound a week later, tech said my doc isn’t specially trained to do ultrasounds so probably missed it (Baby B was sitting on top of A, not in the regular baby position) that and in an emergency ultrasound he was probably just looking for a heartbeat and stopped prodding after he found one.  I was totally surprised and when Daddy and the little guy came in to see I told them maybe wanna sit down… Daddy just gave me a look and knew instantly lol… Now I’m going on 17 weeks and found out on our last scan they are going to be identical… Likely boys but couldn’t get a definite view so will have to find out for sure on the next one… I’m kinda hoping for girls since I already have my lil guy but as long as they’re healthy I’ll be happy 🙂 aww my babies !

    • Cora

      Did you end up with girls? ?


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