Baby Twins Necessities

Below you will find a list for the items that you should have ready prior to the arrival of your twins. Some of these items you need to take to the hospital with you such as car seats as you will not be allowed to leave the hospital without them.

Also it is recommended for mothers of twins to have an earlier baby shower, just in case, the babies arrive earlier than anticipated.

To get more tips you should also read pages that explain twin baby necessities in more detail.


Diapers Take to the Hospital – In Diaper Bag (may need premie size)
Wipes Take to the Hospital – In Diaper Bag
Diaper Rash Cream In Diaper Bag
Premie / Newborn Clothes Take a few to the Hospital
Burp Cloths Take to the Hospital
Swaddeling blankets Take to the Hospital – Buy at least 6 -3 for each baby.
Baby Bottles If not breastfeeding your hopsital normally provides them – You need them when you get home
Formula Needed if bottle feeding
Cribs and crib linen Read more at crib section
Baby Bath Tub One is enough
Baby Shampoo One is enough
Bath Towels One for each twin
Diaper Bag Buy one with lots of room
Soothers If you plan to use them
Car Seats You need TWO car seats obviously and hospitals will not let you take your babies home without them.
Double Stroller Read more in the stroller section
Baby Moniotrs Highly recommend it


  1. Mommy24 says:

    I’m expecting twins in December. I’ve been in search of a twin stroller with car seats. I have been having a hard time finding cute ones at an affordable price. Do any of you ladies have any ideas where I can look? And also I’m stuck as to stocking up on diapers too. Not sure if I need to buy more Newborns than 1’s or just buy Preemie… I don’t know lol. Help please!!

    • hi.
      my b/g twins are now 3 months old. they were born over 6lbs each o they were wearing newborn size diapers for about 1 month, or till they were 8 lbs. i did not buy too many newborn size because i wasn’t sure and i didn’t want to waste any. i change diapers every 2 or 3 hours. so you do the math.
      as far as strollers go, i bought the snap n go twin stroller from amazon, for $70. very happy with the purchase.

      i can snap the car seat directly on the frame without disturbing the babies. i personally think its the best for twin parents.

  2. Catherine says:

    We got the joovi. It’s a light frame that sits the car setas, it’d be really easy for you to fold and stow away. I highly recommend it. My twinkies are due this Nov

  3. I am also expecting twins in December. We got the Baby Trend double stroller that fits 2 carseats very easily. We were also lucky enough to get two single baby trend strollers that fit our carseats for those times when we are together and need better maneuverability from the stroller. As far as diapers, I just did a diaper raffle at our baby shower and had everyone bring a box of any size. The way I see it, as long as we have adequate boxes of Newborn and 1’s for now, the rest we can exchange as needed. Just don’t open the boxes, and when the time comes and they’ve outgrown newborn diapers, then you can just take whatever boxes of newborn diapers you have left and go exchange them for 1’s or 2’s – whatever you need. Also, congrats by the way! The time for their arrival is rapidly approaching!


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