It all started in July Of 2012. I had been 2 weeks late for my period , extra tired (which was rare, it was summer , I was 19 and the LAST thing I did was sleep) , I had taken 10 pregnancy tests , all negative. So I brushed it off. I started having really bad migraines and kept becoming EXTRA nauseous so I decided to go to the Emergency Room. Me and the Doctor got into a heated argument because he kept saying ” Can you pee in a cup to be tested for pregnancy, I kept telling him I’ve already taken 10 tests which all came back negative.

Eventually I agreed, only for him to come back 25 minutes later to tell me I was pregnant. Next they decided to do an Ultrasound because I was having pain in my stomach. An hour after the sonogram a nurse came to tell me I was 5 weeks pregnant with twins & I Was due March 25th 2013. I almost fell out. I called my sisters , I called my best-friend , I called my cousins , I was terrified to call my parents so I told them last and then I called my boyfriend , who told me either have an abortion Or we was leaving (Bye!!!) Being pregnant and already being a single parent was stressful in the beginning but my sisters & my mom were soo helpful. I got nauseous a lot but ONLY when I was hungry. At 6 months I got put on bed rest because they thought there was a hole in Baby B’s (Essence) spine.

At 32 weeks, I sad a sonogram appt. and a screen monitoring appt. where they monitor the babies heart ? beat and contractions. Come to find out I was having contractions every 6-10 minutes but I wasn’t feeling them, I was sent upstairs to labor and delivery. There they gave me some medicine through an iv to possibly stop the contractions, the medicine made me have really bad hot flashes for about 20 minutes. Next they gave me a needle in my butt which was steroids for thr babies lungs incase they decided to come. That needle consisted of shots that had to be given 24hr apart which mean I got admitted in the hospital (how fun) , I spent 5 days in the hospital, even had to watch the superbowl in the hospital.

At 36 Weeks Started having really bad back pains but was only 1 cm dialated so they just scheduled to induce me at 38 weeks on march 12th. But on march 8th I had another sonogram appt and baby B had only gained about 2 ounces when she should’ve gained at least a pound so I was sent upstairs to be induced. I was sooooo scared, but because I was in active labor as well I was able to get an epidural at 2 cms so I felt nothing. I threw up my first and only time while in labor. 28 hours later at 3:56pm The NEXT Day (March 9) Ebony Came weighing 5 lbs 2 oz. I was able to push her out in 6 mins after that my cervix closed back up to 7 cms and would not open back up. So back to the l&d room I go to wait for my cervix to open back up (which it never did so a c section was the only way) 4hrs & 14 mins later at 8:10pm Essence Came Weighing 4lbs4oz. 2 years later they’re the most spoiled babies Ever , and their bond is like no other, Baby B (Essence) had hearing loss but you’d never know unless I told you because her personality is out of this world