Parents going out with their babies are usually an attraction site.

But when you have twins, you can actually become rich if you charge people a dime for each comment you get! You need to deal with the most common and famous question of “Are they twins?” to more strange ones.

A popular or maybe even an unconscious comment you will get is about your twins’ similarity or lack of it. There is really no reason to compare the twins with each other.  Do you keep comparing all siblings together?  People should remember that twins are actually 2 very different people even if they look the same.

Here are some popular questions:

– Are they twins? After a while you may feel like saying well, no, one is actually 3 months older than the other!  instead of a simple Yes they are.

– Are they identical?  Apparently it is a popular question with parents who have one boy and one girl.  Most people automatically think of twins as identical twins!

– Which one is the leader and which one is the follower?

– which one is the evil one? NONE!

– Which one is older? Does it really matter? There is also an automatic assumption that the bigger twin is the one that was born first!!!

Now one comment I do not appreciate is when someone says ” my boys are 18 months apart. It was just like having twins.” I do not really think that those people understand what they are saying. 18 months apart did not mean that were up from 3 to 5 in the morning to change their diapers and feed them. They did not have to train 2 toddlers to be potty trained. And they did not have to look after toddlers walking in different directions. Raising twins or multiples does not compare to anything else. In fact I would not even dare to compare having twins to triplets because it is just not the same.


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