Twin Pregnancy Week 6

6 weeks form the beginning of your last period, your twin babies are between .08 – .16  inches long from crown to rump.

The eyes and ears are forming at this stage.

It is amazing that the babies heart beats can be seen with an ultrasound test.

For the first three months, you have to be extra careful of what you eat and other toxins in your environment.

Feeling nauseous, vomiting and / or having excess saliva is known as morning sickness.  It can actually strike at any time of the day. Morning sickness can be very severe for some women and others may not even have it at all.

Most women fall in between.  Bland food such as rice and crackers may help you with morning sickness but in general you should avoid greasy and spicy food.

Remember not to take any medication without consulting your doctor first. For those of you with nausea, it usually gets better by week 13!

Mothers of twins may be extra tired too.

At this time you may notice that the pink parts of your breasts (areolas) are getting darker.

It usually disappears months after giving birth.

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