Twin Pregnancy Week 36

Your babies weigh around 5.5 pounds now.

There is a chance that one twin will be larger or smaller than the other.

At this stage, their lungs should be fully mature and they should be able to breath on their own once born.

Congratulations to the three of you for making it thus far.

I will not be going any further as with multiple pregnancies, the majority of twins are either born or will be born by the end of week 36.

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  1. Keira

    I had my first fraternal twins the night before a planned c sect. smack on 40 weeks? 

  2. Catherine1988

    Hi guys. 
    I am 35+5 weeks with fraternal boys. I have my last scan in 5 days when i am just over 36weeks! My gp says 37 weeks is full term but i deffo feel full term now, they feel as if they are going to drop out anyday. Hoping to hold them til 38weeks but both breech at the moment so when have scan will probably be booked in for a C-Section! Good luck ladies x

    • Bran1988

      I’m 35+4 with fraternal boys… My OBGYN said 38 is full term and I’m scheduled for induction on Nov 13 and baby A is head down! I feel as if my boys are gonna rip my tummy open or just fall out since I’ve dropped a lot in the last 3-4 weeks! I’ve only gained 25lbs total but feel huge…. I’m hoping for them we make it all the way but for me I’m ready any day! The pressure and discomfort is unreal and I really wanna be able to sleep! At last check my boys were 5.5 and 4.11 and will be checked again next week! Good luck to you all, I know the feeling! 

  3. fran73004

    I am 36 weeks exactly and my doctor also says I am full term with my fraternal twins boys and depend on your body and twins and health you can go to 38weeks but if you have made it this far or evenmore Congrats to you I hope and pray I get to 38 weeks but if I okay to go now Thats cool to due to they are both healthy and weight a good 6lbs each so I am glad and bless for that????????r

  4. Dana Veumonte

    This post is old, but I would like to congratulate everyone who made it through thier twin pregnancy, and the ones who are going through a twin pregnancy. I am 36 weeks pregnant with twins, and i am scheduled for a c section at 38 weeks. I am sore and my twins are a little over five pounds 10 ounces at last ultrasound. But i know that my Doctor knows best and if everything in the utero is fine, 38 weeks is when i will deliver. Two weeks and my bundles of joy will be here.  🙂

  5. irina

    I have fraternal twins.Gained only 44 lbs.Baby A was only 5.3 lbs week ago, baby B 6 lbs and 11 oz. Tomorrow I am 38 weeks.My C-section scheduled for 38 weeks and 3 days but I want to postpone for 39 weeks. Ultrasound last week showed that cervix still closed. Did not have any complications during pregnancy. 1st pregnancy was at 40 weeks C-section as well. Did not have labor 1st time or any complications. My stomach with twins still did not drop and I did not have false labor or painful Braxton-Hicks contractions.

    • Rizza Valdecanas

      Im on my 29th week for my twins and my doctor said i need to reach atleast til my 36th week so the babies will be fine. 

  6. Amber

    I help my fraternal twin boys for 38 weeks and 4 days! Every pregnancy is different. My GYN scheduled me to be inducted at 39 weeks because I was a small woman carrying so much

  7. kelsey

    twins are considered full term at 38 weeks, not 36

    • Mother of Twins

      No it is 36 weeks and a few days to be exact.

      • Hellen

        Twins are considered full term at 38 weeks but most are born at 36 weeks. I was confused when my doctor booked my c-section at 38 weeks but said i may not make it to 38 weeks. His explanation was that most twins run out of space around week 36.

        • Mother of Twins

          There seems to be some disagreement on what is full term twin pregnancy. According to my Gyno who is one of the best around and my research on medical communities, twin pregnancy is CONSIDERED full term at 36.3. Some sites say 37! My c-section was scheduled at 36 weeks. If anyone goes to 38 good for them but that is not average or full term.

          • Caj

            It also depends on whether you are having fraternal or identical twins. Mine share a placenta which starts to deplete at 36 weeks from supporting 2 babies, so I will be induced at 36 weeks. I was told 36-37 is full term for twins. 

    • Kayla

      I’m 35 weeks and 6 days pregnant with identical twin girls, and my doctor told me they would be full term at 36 weeks. He said if I can keep them in until 36 weeks they would be full term and not have to go to the NICU so he told me to relax and not move around very much until then. I also worked full time on my feet for up to 12 hours a day running around until about two weeks ago. My babies are big and healthy so far and I am carrying very well hardly anyone could tell I’m this far along with twins. As of last friday Rory is 6 lbs 1 oz and Reilly is 5 lbs 5 oz, so when they’re born they will already be passed preemie!


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