Twin Pregnancy Week 31

At this stage of your twin pregnancy the only organ left to be fully functional is the lungs. Your twins will start to shed lanugo (fine hair on the body) and instead fill in the hair and eyebrow areas. However some babies are born without much hair on their head or even eyebrows or eyelashes. Do not panic they will grow fast.

Your twins are gaining weight and so are you.

If you have not yet, get your hospital bag ready just in case of an early arrival.

Take a look out twins necessity page of what we recommend you take to the hospital with you. Do not forget the premature new born outfits.  Even if you go to full term, chances are that one baby will be smaller than the other.

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  1. Martina Muniz

    31 weeks and Ive been hit by a bus, this pubic symphysis disorder (or whatever its called) is really kicking my behind! My bones are always in pain, my back hurts on a non stop basis, and my legs feel like wet noodles. My ribs are a lovely play cage for my fraternal twins (boy & girl) and my stomach feels so heavy and tight. But beside all of this, plus heartburn and poor appetite, i am managing! Im just so ready to give birth to these babies. No names by the way help much needed!

    • Martina Muniz

      *I feel like ive been hit by a bus , sorry typo!

  2. Jess Taylor

    31 Weeks yesterday with twin girls! Still working full time and have my little 3 year old boy as well! i was at such a high point in pregnancy where i did not feel tired or sick. Once my third trimester hit I have zero energy half the time..just exhausted, But i push and push to continue! I am ready for the weekend to take long naps! But the twins are doing great im so ready hopefully we make it the full 37!

  3. marizel

    I’m 31 weeks pregnant with my first set of twins and have four children already. My body is very tired of being pregnant I don’t want to get out of bed my belly is always hard and my back feels like its going to fall off .my breath my energy is out the window I feel like I don’t eat or drink as much as I should im just so exhuasted!!! Im excited and and my children can’t wait im having fraternal girls . SO EXCITED JUST TIRED????????????????????????????


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