Twin pregnancy week by week – 22

Your babies’ eyebrows, eyelids and fingernails are fully formed by now. Even though your twin babies have eyes now, their irises lack pigments at this stage.

They are beginning to look more like newborns but only weigh about 1 pound each.

Your babies’ hearing is getting sharper everyday.  If you like talking to them go right ahead.  It is amazing how they will recognize your voice once they are born.

Have you thought about names now? If you do not know the gender of the babies you need to come up with 4 lovely names. (Even if you do know the babies genders, you still should have 4 names in mind in case of a mistake in gender recognition.)

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  1. angela prince says:

    Im 22weeks baby’s are moving around a lot doctor is dumer than a box of rocks need someone to talk to for support

  2. True. Doctors are such these days, box of rocks. They simply say “oh, every symptom is going to be double as you are carrying twins!!” What a bummer!

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