Twin Pregnancy Week 20

Your babies’ hearings are getting better and they can actually start to react to loud noises. Your babies are also getting used to the tone of your voice so keep talking to them.

At this stage babies’ oil glands are starting to form. Your babies are capable of moving their legs now.

People probably assume that you are further along that you actually are. Remember to relax and rest.

Are you ready for the arrival of your twins? I know it is early but chances are that you may be put on semi or full bed rest in just a few weeks. So unless you want to shop online, then you better start preparing the nursery. Take a look atĀ twin baby necessitiesĀ for more information.

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  1. kelly

    Im haven twin boy and girl and im soo happy to add them to my lil fam they will be child 4 and 5 even tho im not really 20 weeks till 12am but i bee to happy to wait and i to wanna find a site with weekly updates on my twins with pics and all but i guess thats asking to much

    • Mother of Twins

      Happy for you….. please check your email for the idea you have…

  2. Liza Ross

    I have reached week 20 and just found out these two little bundles of joy will both be girls! My husband is still in a bit of shock but overall extremely happy that all 3 of us are healthy and growing. I was looking for a twins club or something like it so I can get answers about what I will actually need vs. what I find in books or online.


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