Twin Pregnancy Week 18

By week 18 of your twin pregnancy babies’ vocal cords are formed.

During an ultrasound examination babies’ heart features are fully detectable.  A skilled ultrasound technician may be able to detect heart abnormalities from this week onward.

At this stage, your babies’ lungs have already begun exhaling amniotic fluid. If you have had an amniocentesis, make sure you take it easy for the next few days and rest rest rest.

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  1. Sarah Garcia

    I’m 18 Weeks W. Twin Boys &Have Severe Back Pain &Stomach Cramps, Has Anyone Else Had These Problems To?

    • Jessica

      I am 17 weeks and 5 days with twin boys and I have had stomache cramps but only a little bit of back pain. My doctor said the stomache cramps are just from my uterus stretching. I don’t know what could be causing such severe back pain though.

      • Brandi

        Back pain is from the weight of your belly. 

  2. Tai

    I was prego with triplets..on feb 2nd i lost baby c…due to growth syndrome..
    I am now 4 days shy of 18 weeks with ferturnal twins that are ..seeming 
    To do good at the moment…did cvs test jan 23rd conclusive
    Not stipulated…had amontic fluid test..2 weeks ago..same inclusive…
    I am not sure what think…is normal to have 2 inclusives test…could 
    Test be harmful…cause problems..after tests?…every thing else seems 
    to be up to par…I just keep praying..for best…hope wasn’t a mistake 
    To get tests…thank for any advice

  3. rime

    Hi I’m 18 weeks with twin boys . This is my first pregnancy,

  4. stefanie

    Im hhaving ttwins aand iIM a Lil  scared aany aadvice

    • kelly

      Its my 1set n im also scared  but I guess we just do wat we are told and as ? When we feel somthing isnt right I think.well ba good.


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