Twin Pregnancy Week 17

By week 17 of your twin pregnancy your babies are capable of swallowing, blinking and sucking.

They are very active and you may feel them more now.

Your babies ears start to pop out.  Their necks are getting longer. Their eyes are still shut at this time.

At this stage twins’ heartbeats should be heard by a doppler. Some of your antibodies are beginning to get transferred to your babies.

Mothers better relax and take it easy. For a twin pregnancy, if you carry to term, you are about half way there!

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  1. Chona

    Hi 17 weeks here.. This my 3rd pregnanncy im so happy to see my twin babies! Glory to God… 

  2. Faith

    im 16weeks pregnant with twins. Has anyone had cerclage done I get mines in 2days?

    • Mommy24

      Hi I am 16 weeks 5 days with fraternal twins. I had a cerclage put in 3 weeks ago because my last pregnancy ended as a loss at 20 weeks due to my cervix opening. It was devastating so my doctor decided to do a cerclage as a preventative measure. So far it’s been ok for me. Cervix still long and “closed”. I pray to God that I carry these babies to term or at least a great viability age. Did your doctor prescribe bedrest and pelvic rest until 37 weeks also?

  3. Jane

    I’m 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant with twins. had an ultrasound at 15 weeks and found out that one of the twins is a boy but d other twin covered d genital area.Hope he will be a boy too.I am so happy bcos it was a dream come true.Though it has not been easy on me.I feel fatigue all d time but to God be d glory.

  4. AJ

    I’m 17 weeks today. This is my 3rd pregnancy. I have two beautiful boys ages 12 & 5. I’m due July 28th if I carry 40 weeks but my doctor says 36 weeks is considered full term for twins. I would have to say only God knows when they’ll make their arrival. Let’s just hope for healthy babies. We haven’t found out the gender yet. I wouldn’t mind at least one girl. Congrats to all the pregnant mothers. I can’t wait to hold my two little blessings sent from above. Bless you all 🙂

  5. Pollet

    hi guys i’m also 17 weeks pregnant and i just can’t wait to hold my first born set

  6. Lisa

    Found out at 11 weeks that I was right.  Good luck

    • Sade

      Lisa, Did you ask your doctor to checkcall for twins or did two heartbeats just pop up?

  7. Samantha Cantu

    Hi im 17 weeks in my first pregnancy and i think i might b having twins everyone else agrees. I havent been able to see a doctor yet because theyre booked till the end of the month. Im very curious and anxious to find out

    • Saiqa Hussain

      Hi, congrats. Im 17 weeks pregnant too with ivf twins. This is my first pregnancy and im blessed after 10yrs of being married im finally pregnant. Its such a weird and wounderful experiance so far aswell as being so anxcious. Good luck xx

      • Shay

        Hello congrats i am also 17 weeks pregnant with twins im due october14th  and these are my first babies im very anxious and scared.

      • Quifia

        I’m Quifia from Philadelphia. I’m 17 weeks and 3days pregnant with Twins. I had my first ultrasound 10 weeks ago n found out I was having twins. I was so excited n scared at the same time. I’m very tired with little energy for the past few weeks. But I’m going to the gym 4x a week to stay active since I’m not working. My best advice is to stay calm n stay active n take it easy and enjoy the time being pregnant.

    • Lisa

      Hi I’m also 17 weeks with twin boys due May 22 if I go 40 weeks. This is my 4th pregnancy, first set of twins so excited.  I thought from 6th weeks might be twins due to size of growing belly.  🙂

    • kelly

      Im 17 weeks and its my 4th preg and i may have  3kids all reg brith and  no meds and im worried and scared to i guess it reg to feel like this 


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