Twin Pregnancy Week 15

Your appetite may be growing and you do need all the proper nutrition you can get for your baby twins.

By week 15 of your twin pregnancy your may feel some movement. Your babies are more active inside uterus and some may even be sucking thumbs.

Babies’ eyebrows are starting to grow as well as the hair on their heads.  Babies veins are visible through their thin skin.  Your babies are getting covered with fine hair or what is technically known as lanugo.

Depending on the type of twins your are carrying, especially if they share one placenta, or if your twin pregnancy is categorized as high risk for any reason, you will be having more ultrasounds from now on.

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  1. This is my 15th week and I can feel them move..
    Though just little movements I know it’s them..
    I’m anxious for my next ultra sound as I only had
    one at 6 weeks…so I want to know how they are doing?!
    Also my nausea is easing down, still there but not hanging 
    around the whole day.. Can’t wait until it’s gone 🙂

  2. Im 15weeks as of today 9/6/13 I felt movement sice last week..also I find out what im haven yay soo happy

  3. Pearl Scott says:

    I’m 15 weeks as of today! Not much movement. I still have morning and night nausea. I thought it would’ve died down by now. Hopefully soon however. I’m having fraternal twins! Three more weeks til we find out their genders!!

  4. I’m 15 weeks and I have not had morning sickness in 2 weeks. I’m feeling very much out of breath this week and cramping at my cervix. I finally look pregnant this week and find out the genders next week.

  5. I’m 15 weeks today exactly, still I haven’t felt any movements. My twins are fraternal, should I worry?

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