Twin Pregnancy Week 13

Welcome to the second trimester. By week 13 of your twin pregnancy you look very pregnant. Nausea is probably a thing of the past.  You must eat properly and take more calories for nourishing your growing babies. At this time your babies faces look more like humans. Their eyes are moving closer and closer together.  Babies toes and fingers are separated by now and ankles and wrists have formed. At this stage the baby twins are about a size of a peach and weigh about half and ounce each.

help you to be more comfortable as your pregnancy progresses. Watch this video amazin video:


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  1. I am 13 weeks, pregnant with twins, and am not showing at all.  Hardly looking “very pregnant” as you say, although both babies are right on track for growth and development.  Don’t post things that aren’t true, you only make expectant mothers that much more nervous.

    • HI NJS!!

      Just because you don`t show does not mean most other moms are not showing!!! And there is no need to panic over it either. Most moms carrying twins will be showing and looking more pregnant at week 13 compared to those carrying one.
      Sorry if this makes you upset. But this site has helped a lot of pregnant moms in the past.

    • Hi NJS,
      What was told above is true, am 12 weeks pregnant with twins. And I am looking like 5 months pregnant (carrying one)!!. So every time people asking, they didnt believe its just 3 months, then I have to explain that I am carrying twins.

    • Like stated before, just because you aren’t doesn’t mean you aren’t the minority. This is my second pregnancy (first with twins) and I am not even 12 weeks but show as I did when I was 20 with my first. This site is super informative, there isn’t a lot of information customized to twin pregnancies (that I have found anyway).

      • Im pregnant with twins for the 1st time and becuz i put on alot of weight from carrying my other 3 kids so no that its twin im showing but if u see me youll just think im fat i cant wait till my belly look big and look like im carry babies and no just putting on weight lol

  2. I’m 13 weeks with twins. This is my 4th pregnancy and I believe I’m showing a lot.. Though 
    I was bigger with my 3rd.. I guess every pregnancy is different. 
    I am still feeling nausea everyday and it lasts most of the day.
    Oh well I’m hoping it will pass soon so I can enjoy eating again.
    Thank you for your information as it is very helpful for mothers with twins.
    Keep it up :)
    Cheers Sara

  3. To NJS,
    I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins as well. I was worried after I read this because I am barely showing. So I asked my doctor, he did inform me that most women do not show that much when carrying twins until 16 weeks. So my conclusion is the “Very Pregnant” comment is a bit misleading as every pregnancy is different. As my doctor says “pregnancy is not black and white, there are a lot of grey areas”.

  4. Ok let’s recap…. Week 13 is basically 3 months of pregnancy. Most women who carry one child will start showing around this time. MOST of us who have carried twins showed MORE around 3 months of pregnancy. “very pregnant” here is relative for this week and yes every pregnancy is different. Some bellies grow more forward and some grow more to the sides.  
    Also if you have read on other sites or books or even this site one sign that COULD mean that you are carrying twins is your belly size. 
    I am not planning on changing what I have written as most moms will read all these comments and hope this explains more. I have always emphasized that each pregnancy is different and this is a general guideline.

  5. I was very active before getting preggo with twins and had a flat tummy.  I did IVF and my ovaries were in overdrive plus I have a large uterus.  At 5 weeks I needed to buy some maternity jeans.  Everyone’s experience is going to be different, of course, and that’s why I’m explaining mine.  If you are overweight (please don’t throw stones here…) then it’s likely you are not going to show for quite some time.  I find it comforting to find a website or blog that makes me feel “normal” at 3 months pregnant but appearing to be 5 to 6 months along.  I find myself justifying my size by expecting twins all the time.  

  6. I’m now 13 weeks with twins and am absolutely showing. Perhaps the meaning of ‘very pregnant’ varies amongst women… 

  7. Hello
    im 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant with twins when I went for my scan they said there is no fluid around one of my twin I have to go to for a twin scan to find out whats happening they said it doesn’t look very well so far and that they cant yet tell me what it going till happen until Wednesday when I go for the twin scan they did say don’t expect a heart with the twin with no fluid is this is devastating. We were so shocked/blessed to be having twins and now to know one will most likely not make it is so hard to wrap my head around. also they said if the other twins does die that they couldn’t say my other twin will be ok I am hoping for a miracle when we go Wednesday and that there is fluid and a good chance for our babys. if anyone is going through the same thing or have good or bad I could do with someone to talk to how know how im felling iv had to wait 6 days knowing that there is something up with one of my twins for the twin scan on Wednesday.

  8. I am 13 weeks with twins and I look like im almost 5 months, im already in maternity wear! at this stage with my first I was no where near this size

  9. I am the father of twins and we are just hitting 13 weeks. I am not showing at all… I mean my fiancée isn’t showing. :-D.
    We are looking for as much information about twins as we can. There isn’t a lot out there… :-( In any case, we are due July 11th, 2015. Any Canadians out there having twins? Ottawa, ON here.

  10. I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins. This is my 1st child. i dont even look pregnant. from doing some research online women with previous children look pregant faster so dont worry what these other mommies say. We all are striving for one thing & that is to deliver some healthy children. * paitiently waiting for my baby bump

  11. Good for all of you that don’t look “very pregnant”… Those of us who have already been pregnant 2 or 3 times will probably be the ones who do look “very pregnant”. I also (like someone already posted) look like I did when I was 5 months with my previous two. Everyone is different. Plus I love the belly because I get to share with people that it’s twins that much longer.

    • I am 12 weeks and 6 days with twins and look like I’m 5 months. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was shocked that I’m already showing so soon. I’m happy to hear it’s normal.

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