Twin Pregnancy Week 13

Welcome to the second trimester. By week 13 of your twin pregnancy you most likely look very pregnant – there will be some moms who do not show as much as you can appreciate from their posts.  Nausea is probably a thing of the past.  You must eat properly and take more calories for nourishing your growing babies. At this time your babies faces look more like humans. Their eyes are moving closer and closer together.  Babies toes and fingers are separated by now and ankles and wrists have formed. At this stage the baby twins are about a size of a peach and weigh about half and ounce each.

 help you to be more comfortable as your pregnancy progresses. Watch this video amazing video:

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  1. Taina

    I’m 13 weeks tomorrow with fraternal twins and my belly has no shame in showing it. This is my first pregnancy carrying more than one but surely not my first rodeo. It will probably be my last though.

  2. BrandiF

    I’m 13 weeks pregnant with twins this is my first pregnancy, I didn’t start showing until about week 10! Now I look like I’m 5 or 6 months pregnant!

  3. Ame

    Well, I am 13 weeks and the doc says that my uterus is the size it would be at 17 weeks with one baby. Which is perfectly normal.  Most women are showing by now. 

  4. Ciera

    I am 13wks and 6 days with twins…not showing at all! However when I was pregnant with my daughter I didn’t start showing until 7 months. I’m not small, so that has alot to do with it bigger people have more room in their bellys…so if you big your not going to show as soon as others so don’t panic

  5. Siya

    I am 13 weeks 3 days and already showing thou not so much.This is my third pregnancy and very unexpected.I feel blessed that everything is going so well except the nausea and vomiting.I can’t wait for it to stop and to start enjoying food again.Thank you all for all your informative post.In Africa twin pregnancies are handled with a lot of curiosity and mixed reactions and there is so little information about them.Am glad I found a site with moms going through the same experience as me.Thank you

  6. Mz. nervous

    I am pregnant with twins and barely showing . This is my fifth pregnancy one still born just this past April but now 13 weeks pregnant with twins very nervous cause I’m not really showing. My last check up earlier this month said that they were both perfect measuring well and heartbeats great, just awaiting my next appointment on Monday just very nervous because of what I just been through. But I’m going to leave it in the hands of the Lord and stay prayed up.

  7. KayCeeHayes

    I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins and unlike most moms who have left comments – this is my first pregnancy so I haven’t really had much frame of reference until I found this site. Its really been abundantly helpful.. Thanks so much!:)

  8. Katy Corbitt

    I am 13 weeks pregnant with identical twins this is my second pregnancy (1st pregnancy with twins) my pre pregnancy weight was 105 and I have gained 10 pounds so far 🙂 I’m showing just a little but to any one who doesn’t know me they can’t tell I’m pregnant. I’ve gone from a size 0 Jean to a size 5 so far, really my 0’s were to small by about week 8! I think I’m gonna get really big. With my first pregnancy I didn’t start showing until almost 20 weeks. 


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