Twin Pregnancy Week 12

At this stage of your twin pregnancy all organs and structures are fully formed but the organs are still developing rapidly.

From this point onward, your doctor may be able to detect your babies’ heartbeats by a doppler. Your babies’ stomachs, livers and bladders can be seen with an ultrasound.

At this time your babies’ genitals are beginning to show their differences.  However, the earliest that an ultrasound technician can differentiate between male and female babies will be around week 20.  So if you had an ultrasound, you still would not know the gender of your babies.

At week 12, the chances of having miscarriage has dropped a great deal.


Week 12 twin fetal development image from baby center






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  1. MeliSsa Calabria

    Now 20 weeks!

  2. MeliSsa Calabria

    Now 11 weeks pregnant with our 2nd set of fraternal twins! 

    • mrsnasr

      how was ur first ? i am excpecting fraternal twins too.

      • Jana

        i am 10 weeks pregnant with twins as well


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