Twin Pregnancy Week 11

A new chapter in your babies’ lives has begun. Your baby twins will go through rapid growth and by the end of the week they will each be about 1.5 inches long from crown to heel.

Fetuses have vocal cords by now and are capable of making some noise.  Your babies’ pancreases and kidneys are fully functional by now as well.

Even though chances of malformation due to external influences will be decreasing drastically, you should still take great care of yourself and the babies.  Do not take any medication without your doctor’s consent and avoid alcohol and tobacco.

The placenta is fully functional by now.

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  1. kelly

    I am having either mono-di twins or mono mono, we are not sure yet which ones as it is too early to tell if there is a divide. I have had a lot of pains in my tummy and I am bloated and full of wind, the doctor and midwife keep telling me it is just with the extra hormones but I am so uncomfortable. Is this normal?

    • Jessica

      I am 10 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins and have these exact symptoms. I constantly have pains that feel like period cramps throughout the day. (which is completely normal early on because of the uterus growing) I also have a lot of right side lower abdominal pain. My ob said I ovulated on the side and there could be a cyst. She was not worried at all. I am so bloated by the end of the day my belly looks 3 times the size in the morning. Also completely normal. The gas is actually because the increase hormones cause your digestive tract to slow down. I have also been very constipated because of the hormones and the Vitamins. I can’t stand for my husband to come near my belly because I feel so uncomfortable. My doctor told me as long as the pain isn’t unbearable and I am not bleeding not to worry. Everyone has different experiences while pregnant. I know it is hard not to worry about every little thing.

  2. Nirma

    I am 11 weeks pregnant witH twins. Yesterday at work I accidentally went into and X ray room while there was X ray shooting going on. I was wearing a lead apron. I AM VERY WORRIED. Do you think they will be ok?

    • kelly

      Your babies should be fine, I had to have a x-ray on my wrist and they still did it knowing I am pregnant but I also had to wear a lead apron.


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