Postpartum with Twins

Once you are home with your twin babies you will have a lot to deal with.  Feeding the twins will seem like a non-stop job.  The only way you can get your rest is sleep when your twins sleep.  Hopefully, your twins will sleep at the same time. If not you need to find a way to get them on the same schedule by keeping them awake together. Meanwhile here are some issues that you will be faced once your twins have arrived.

 Breast-feeding or Bottle-feeding

Everyone agrees that breast milk is the best option for twin babies, specially the first milk that comes out your breast called colostrum.  It is lighter in color and apparently filled with antibodies.  Normally nurses will urge mothers to breastfeed for at least a year or even two.  It is really up to you how long you would like to breastfeed.  Sometimes, if babies are in the nursery, you may need to use a pump to give milk to your twins.  If your twins are healthy, you may even consider formulas or a combination of both. The plus side of giving formulas it that your husband can help with the feedings from time to time.

It is very funny how rules can bend when you are having twins. This is the time that if you decided to bottle-feed no one will look down on you. Lets face it breast feeding two babies is not very easy for some of us. And breastfeeding is not for everyone so if you decide to bottle feed do not let guilt take over and just enjoy the process of getting to know your twins. Trust me bottle feeding with love is a lot better than breastfeeding with guilt.

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It helps if you get your baby twins on the same schedule for nursing or bottle feeding.

When you bottle feed your twins, just feed them one after the other.  Even at night when one wakes up crying, after feeding the hungry one, feed the other baby even if you have to wake her/him up.  This will make your life easier in the long or even short run.

 Where should babies sleep

Should twins have their own crib or should they share one? These are concerns and questions that obviously don’t arise with singletons and yet you must think about them.  Do whatever seems normal to you.  Some say that twins should sleep in the same crib because they have been together for so many months and feel safer.

As a matter of fact, in the hospital they are placed in the same crib as well.  This may be true for twins who shared one amniotic sac and placenta, but I always considered my twins as next door neighbours.

What worked for me was keeping my twin babies together during daytime.  They shared the same bed or play pen.  When bedtime arrived, they each had their own bassinet next to each other.  They were so tiny that putting them in a big bed seemed funny.

Apparently there are dividers or a Crib Spacer which you can get for your crib if you would like to put them in the same bed.  I did not know about them at the time, but it looks great!

As babies grow they become so restless and move so much that if they are sharing a bed, they may wake each other up.  Remember what a luxury sleep becomes!

If you have not done so already please visit our twin baby needs page for more information.


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