After a few months of trying seriously to become pregnant by taking body basal temperature, buying ovulation kits and planning the whole process, I finally convinced my family Doctor to give me an appointment to see my gynecologist for possible secondary infertility.  The appointment was in April and in March I find out that I was pregnant.  What a relief!

Due to some possible health problems such as Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, I was seen by my gynecologist when I was only 8 weeks pregnant.  When the HCG levels in the blood test are higher than anticipated, Doctors usually suspect that you may be pregnant with multiples or have been pregnant longer than anticipated.  So I was sent for an ultrasound when I was 8 weeks pregnant.

As I was leaving my home to go for the ultrasound I made a joke what if it is twins? 2 for 1?

The lady technician was very thorough and careful. She mentioned that she also likes to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound which would give her a better view of what is happening inside the belly.  The whole time she kept the screen away from me so I did not suspect anything.  After she was finished she said, I have to tell you guys something (me and my husband), you are going to have twins. I said you are joking right? – No ma’am we are not allowed to joke!!!!

We were shocked, dumbfound and did not know what to say. The closest twins I knew of were my great uncles whom I had never seen. How was I supposed to take care of 2 babies?  We were not upset, but we were shocked.  Then my mind went crazy thinking about their gender.  What if I ended up with 2 hyperactive boys? How would I handle them?  I secretly hoped for healthy girls.

I decided to visit my gynecologist before my next monthly appointment.  He mentioned that even though I was pregnant with twins, I should be cautious due to the Twin Vanishing Syndrome, and  I should wait until week 12 to confirm that it is in fact a twin pregnancy. Because I had some bleeding with my first pregnancy and had to take it easy then, I decided that I would be extra cautious and try to rest as much as possible even with a 3 year old in the house.  Because of the thick blood syndrome I also had a few appointments with my Hematologist.

My next ultrasound was scheduled  for week 12 and my twin pregnancy was confirmed. However, I had already told everyone I was expecting twins.  After all, I was looking pretty pregnant.  My early pregnancy problems were fatigue and being very nauseous.  The only difference with my first pregnancy was that the duration of nausea was longer and I actually managed to hold everything inside!!! So I began suspecting I was pregnant with either 2 boys or one boy and one girl.  Week 12 was too early to detect the gender of the babies who were known as Twin A and Twin B.

At 17 weeks into pregnancy, I had an option of getting an amnio test done.  Being 33 and pregnant with twins carried the same risks as being 35 and pregnant with a singleton.  (Actually the test in normally performed around week 16).  And of course the risk of miscarriage was higher as well with twins.  So I decided to forego the test.

My next ultrasound was at week 18 in which we found out the gender of the babies: 2 girls.  I was extremely happy and excited.  My husband seemed happy too.  However, not everyone in his family was excited about that!

By week 21 I was measuring 24 weeks pregnant. I had 6 more ultrasounds until the end of my pregnancy at weeks 22, 26, 28, 30, 32 and 34.

With my first pregnancy I was diagnosed as glucose intolerant and had to watch my diet.  Week 26 came with the dreadful Glucose test. And as I had expected, I had to head back to the lab for the 3 hour Glucose test.  Shortly after drinking the horrible juice I felt nauseous and very fatigued. It was not a very good sign.  Next day I got the call from the Doctor’s office and Gestational Diabetes was confirmed, and before I knew it I was seen by an Endocrinologist .  Of course the first approach was to send me to a Diabetes clinic in which you are taught about diabetes.  Then I had to get the glucose monitoring machine and record my diet and blood sugar levels and fax it to my doctor every night.  Well in a week I was put on insulin.  I had to inject myself with insulin twice a day in my arms, since that was the only place with a bit of fat on it!!!

Before pregnancy I weighted 120 pounds and that is not much for a 5’4″.5 person.  Also I was told to take it very easy and be on a semi bed-rest from week 29. By week 31, I was measuring 37 weeks pregnant.  Sleep was a luxury of the past and heartburn had become my worst enemy.

I was counting days now to the end of this pregnancy.  Because my first baby was an emergency c-section, we already knew that another c-section was in order, and the date was set for the middle of week 36.

By week 34 my insulin dosages were finally lowered and that was a good sign that the end was near.  Apparently just before making their big entrance to the world, twins take the sugar to put on extra weight.  At this week I also had my first Non-stress test (NST) in which a painful contraction was recorded.  At this stage I was measuring 42 weeks!!! can you imagine that! I was all belly.  Strangers also made a point of asking me constantly if I was due any day?  Only a few guessed it was twins.

Now the result of my last ultrasound at week 34 was somewhat alarming in which Twin A had not grown as much since my last ultrasound of week 32 and Twin B had grown a fair bit.  And I was only 8 days away from my scheduled C-section.  My Doctor would have liked to take the twins out sooner but the hospital was full and we had to wait and see.   Meanwhile I had another NST.  But nature took it’s own course. Just 3 days before my scheduled c-section, as I was getting up form behind my computer, I felt a kick and my water broke.

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