My water broke at 10:10 PM, 3 days short of my scheduled c-section.  So my husband and I headed to the hospital.  I was grateful that my daughter was already asleep and my mother was there to take care of her.  We decided not to have any family members in the hospital and once the twins were born we were going to notify them to come to the hospital at that point.

Thankfully, the registration process did not take long at the hospital; however, by the time I got to the maternity ward I was pretty wet. A nurse did a test to confirm that my membranes were actually ruptured or in other words I was leaking amniotic fluid.  By 11:30 pm I was placed in a small monitoring room where they hooked me up to a Non-Stress test machine.  Unfortunately my normal Dr was not scheduled to arrive until 8 AM next day and the doctor on call told me that I will be having a c-section within the next 2-3 hours!!!

She said since you will have a c-section just let me know when to give you an epidural, no point going through a lot of pain. Meanwhile the Doctor was checking to see how fast I was dilating and as expected with my first pregnancy, I was dilating at a rate of a turtle ( by 8 AM I had only dilated 4 cm).  After tolerating some contractions, I asked for my epidural around 3 AM.  At that point they transferred us to a real maternity room and the Anesthesiologist came to my rescue.  Remembering the whole ordeal from my first pregnancy, the injection of the needle was not my favourite part.  However, once in place, it does feel like heaven.

I also had a tendency to get some shakes with epidural.  But it was not as bad this time. Time passed by and I was still waiting.  Apparently being in the middle of the night, the hospital was short staffed and I had to wait longer for my c-section or the hospital had to call in more staff.  Go figure.  I was glad in a way since I knew if I waited until 8 in the morning, my own Doctor would have come to the hospital.  And frankly, I would have rather had him open me up than anyone else.  After all, you develop some type of trust and security with a Doctor who has taken care of for the last 8-9 months.

Around 7 AM, the NST machine was losing track of Twin A’s heartbeats, so the lady doctor decided to do an ultrasound on me using a small portable machine to check on Twin A.  After 15 minutes they found the baby.  Meanwhile my own Doctor showed up and  guess what I was next in the operating room.  He came to my rescue one more time.

My husband got his blue uniform with a mask and came to the delivery room. He was very nervous. I cannot really blame him.  He was the one who could see inside my stomach and the blood of course. The part I did not really like about the operation was the blue curtain that was used to block my view from the operation, plus the oxygen mask that was on my face!!! But the Anesthesiologist said that I had to tolerate it.  Before I knew it the operation was underway. As my gyno tried to take the twins out he mentioned that he had to take Twin B out first since Twin A had gone down the birth canal too far.  I guess Twin A was tired of waiting and was trying to make the grand entrance by herself and that is why she was not showing well on the ultrasound screen earlier.  (Normally, Twin A is the one who is supposed to come out first due their position in the uterus *).

So Twins B, the bigger baby in my case, came out first followed one minute later by Twin A.  Both girls as expected and weighing each 5.5 and 4.52 lbs respectively.  When the twins were taken out of my stomach, the lack of pressure and relief I felt on my organs was absolutely wonderful.

Thankfully after evaluation, both babies were fine and after I came out of the recovery area, and taken back to my room, my twins were brought in for a long visit, and the rest is history.

* A Note about twin A-B situation: During the course of pregnancy, the baby/twin who is meant to come out first due to the position in the uterus is normally called Baby A or Twin A.  In my case, Twin B came out first.  At that point in time, Twin B is called Twin A!!!! and Twin A becomes Twin B in the outside world. It is just some type of twin birth formality.  So make sure you do not mix up or confuse their earlier ultrasounds records if this happens to you.