I had my twin boy’s on 9/4/07. We knew the day we had the c-section secluded and babysitter ready for our other two children. We had our son’s birthday the 3rd and our daughter starting school the day I went to have the twins so a lot of stress for us and them for a few days!!

At 2 am my husband left for work as usual and my uncle and I (he was babysitting) sat and waited for 5 am for my mom to come and take me to the hospital for our 11 am c-section! We got to the hospital around 6:30, got registered and all was done around 9 am. We had 2 good heart beats, and both babies were expected to be over 6 lbs. We were all ready for their arrival, definitely me I was so ready for this 53″ belly to go away!!!

At 10:30 my husband made it in and they had him and my mom dress in covers blue jump suites I called them and face covers all that good stuff! We got back to the OR and fear sets in. TWINS are on the way the doc said and I cried. It’s such a roller-coaster anyways and when they were really almost here I’m scared more than ever!

We started at like 11:10 am and at 11:26 am Hayden was here my baby A who was the bigger of the two, and baby B Hunter didn’t want to come out. I sat there and wondering why cannot I hear 2 cries, well then I couldn’t breath. Baby B had climbed back in grabbing part of my lung, and 2 min later he decided to let go and doc pulled him out at 11:26 am. I didn’t know what was all going on cause the shock of it all! They got me done and took me to my room all by 11:45 am and the doctor came in and said Baby A Hayden had some problems with breathing and he would be in the NICU for a few hours till they could tell me more. I was shocked nothing had ever been wrong with any of my babies, and one thing I wanted was to see them in the same little crib thing together. Well by the time the doctor got that out here came my boys together in one crib. I was so excited they said he was OK, breathing fine both scored 9.5 on agar scale! and baby A was 5 lbs 1 oz,19″ long…baby B was 7 lbs 1 oz. 19.5″ long. We all left the hospital less than 40 hrs later and doing well!!!