Feeding your Twins

Having the right tools can make feeding time easier.  High chairs are a necessity. Preferably you need 2 high chairs so you can feed your babies together.  High chairs come in variety of shapes from basic wooden ones to ones with 5 point harness, to make it harder for toddlers to get out of their seats.

At some point in time you have to pass the spoons to your babies or toddlers and it will be messy. Part of the mess is due to the plate spills.  Even though most plates have a suction ring beneath them, as far as I know, none of them stick well to the highchair table.  The best plate that I have tested and know was called Super Suction Bowl. It has been discontinued but keep your eyes open since manufacturer’s may bring it back.

Meanwhile there are some other great products in the market that are useful at solid feeding time.

Baby cubes are great for freezing baby food individually.

There are spoons that change color if the food is too hot.

For going to the restaurants there are portable seats as well as one-time use placemats.


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