Planning a birthday party for twins (as well as going to twins’ birthday party) can be somewhat challenging.

I have had some time to think about it for the last two years and this is what I believe to be fair game: I am sure everyone agrees that we need to emphasize the individuality of the twins from their 1st birthday onward.  One way of achieving that is by making or buying two birthday cakes for your twins. Once they are older you will have lots of fun watching them choose their favoite characters for their cakes.

Once your twins are attending school then you have to invite all of their shared and individual friends and this is where it gets tricky. As an example: what happens when one twin is friends with Sara and the other twin does not get along with her?  Well you need to make two invitations from each twin.

You also need to make 2 loot bags – you do not need to go overboard – but it does make a point that there are actually two celebrations happening at the same time.

Now what about the kids coming to the party. Do they bring one gift or two? As a rule of thumb I would say two. The last thing you want is having the twins fight over one toy.  Two cheaper gifts are better than one gift for two individuals.  (Unless you were invited from one of the twins) .

Another issue to think about is when the twins are invited to a birthday party. Do they take one gift or two?  I would say two gifts.  Let’s just remember they are two separate individuals and they will most likely come home with two loot bags too!

It is funny how simple things in life can suddenly become so complicated when you have twins.  That is our wonderful life 🙂


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