Must Have Toys for Infant Twins

When it comes to your sanity you may want to invest in one of these toys. (These are the toys that helped me and kept my twins happy). They are designed to keep your little ones happy for a while. Here are some great ones I can recommend for baby twins.   However, supervision is still needed.  This infant to toddler rocker is great for babies up to about 8 months when they can bend down and try to get out of it.  Once they are older, you can use it again as a rocking chair for older toddlers.


From about 4-5 months when babies can hold up their heads better, they can be placed in the saucers to have fun.  Once they are older, it is not as safe to use it.  But great for baby months.

Some cool toys for toddler twins or older twins:

Double easel one side is chalk board and the other for side is for painting – some models have both sides for painting:

Below a selection of some “twin toys“. Please make sure that they are suitable for their age.


Twin Baby Items