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Whether you just found out that you are pregnant with twins or you are a mother of twin teenagers, this is the place for you.

Raising twins is rewarding and challenging at the same time.

I was shocked with my second pregnancy when the ultrasound technician told us that we were going to have twins.  The closest twins that I have had in my family were great uncles and great great aunts whom I had never met.

However, after the initial shock wore off, I was happy, excited, worried, restless, everything you can imagine.  I also did a lot of research to find out all I could about having twins, from preconception to the later years.

I also remember what the nurse told me after my twin babies were born.  She said having twins is not twice the work than having a baby but rather four times, and yes she was right.

It would be nice to have a place that mothers can support each other, exchange ideas or tips, find out lovely online bargains or just have fun.

This site was created to give tips and support to mothers of twins, and fathers as well! …

In order to provide you with a more updated site I had to change platforms and as a result had to let go of some of the wonderful comments I had received over the last few years. I am still trying to see if I can bring some back but seems it will be long hours of work.  Meanwhile please enjoy the site and if you find any glitches let me know.


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  1. Lisa Kinsey says:

    My name is Lisa and I found out I am having twins. I am not going to lie it scares the heck out of me because I am A- blood type and the daddy is O+. we have been in and out of hospitals and doctor offices. The doctors keep telling me I am at risk for misscarriage. I have already miscarried once so the pain is still there. I would like to carry the twins to full term but, with me being at 11 weeks now and I keep getn sick and throwing up, loosing weight the doctors said they will be amazed if I dont lose the twins. How can someone say that to a mother or anyone? I worry about everything now because I dont want to loose either one of the babies. I want to be able to hold them in my arms and see their cute little noses and toes and hands. Something that is so percious.

    • Lisa – I don’t know why they are being so negative about your pregnancy. I have a negative blood type and my hubby has a positive blood type. They gave me a shot and are monitoring my pregnancy. I am 23 weeks along with B/G twins – they are right on schedule and doing perfect. Keep hope that your babies will be fine. You are already close to being past the scary 1st trimester!

    • Lisa stay positive!  I am 36 weeks pregnant with our twin boys, I am also A- and daddy is O+, we have not had any issues with this and already have delivered three healthy boys, 8, 6 and 3 years old! You should receive a rhogam shot around 28 weeks and again after delivery because of your neg blood type. The best advice I had with our twin pregnancy is nutrition, eat well and eat a lot, they recommend 400 to 600 extra calories with twin pregnancies.  Do your best through the nausea and take care of yourself, the rest is out of your control.

    • Lynette Wilkins says:

      Lisa I honestly think u need to change your doctors bc I wouldn’t want anyone that negative to be caring for me or my babies. Stay positive and take it easy and ur babies will b just fine. Drs. Kill me acting like they are God.

    • Keep faith in god 


  2. I am 12 weeks pregnant and have been going crazy thinking its twins. My mother had twins at age 29 and it was her fourth pregnancy. This is my fourth pregnancy and I will be 29 when I have this/these babies. Every pregnancy, labor, and delivery, even my recovery has mirrored my moms history exactly. I know that is not enough to be sure I’m having twins, its just a lot of coincidence. But, I also gained a lot of weight due to back surgery and then a pregnancy so my bmi was fluctuating between 29 and 31 before I got pregnant. I know those things increase my chances of twins but I can not find anyplace that tells me how much. I have been having dreams about having twins since before I found out I was pregnant. I even was refering to the baby or babies as “them” and “they” when talking about the pregnancy without even thinking about it. I had to work to stop myself. I still do it if I’m not careful. I have myself so confused now because I tried to talk myself out of thinking it was twins because I didn’t want to feel disapointed if it was only one baby. The only thing that makes me think it might be one is the fact that other than being hungry CONSTANTLY and being worn out this is the easiest pregnancy I have ever had. I talk to my mom about it and she says her pregnancy wasnt any worse with her twin boys than it was with any of her single pregnancies with us three girls. I go Monday for my first big ob appointment. So far I have no clue how my bloodwork is or how I measure or anything. It is driving me insane. Does anyone have any idea how I might be able to tell what I’m in for? I also have been feeling movement for 2 weeks but it seems a little high. My husband says I’m crazy but this isnt my first rodeo and I know what I have been feeling. Not strong, just enough that someone who has experienced it a few times before would recognize it. Any ideas?

  3. Amanda Giles says:

    I have a 2 year old and now found out I am having twins. Could anyone suggest what strollers would be best for my situation?

  4. Amanda Escobar says:

    7months and really scared!! I have a two year old at home. Any advise for me?? I could really use some right about now

    • Hi Amanda,

      Do not worry so much. What is it that really scares you?  All you need is some support from friends and family. At the beginning stages twins are not as hard. It is hard because you are feeding 2 babies and lack of sleep can affect people. If you get your husband to do some feeding and let you get some rest, you will be fine. You can get them sleep through the night with the advice of your pediatrician once they have gained enough weight.  

  5. geez..I mighy just b a big worry wart, but i hqd a early still birth at 16 weeks before. I hqve 3 living children also. i found out about 3 weeks ago im pregnant with twins! i am now 9 weeks along. i saw both heartbeats and the doctor said everything looked normal so far. im just worried about..what iif i lose one of the babies..will i know? will there def b bleeding and/or cramping? please help n any way ppossible. good or bad news. i like to b prepared for anything..thanks

    • Tekeisha,

      Its natural to worry about any pregnancy all pregnant mums go through it whether it be a singleton or twins. Sorry about your miscarriage but just take very good care of yourself because pregnancy with twins can take so much out of you. Positive thinking really helps. Get rid
       of your negative thoughts and don’t worry about things until they happen. I saw my daughter through her pregnancy with twins and all was fine. There are more good news stories than bad. Worrying wont help!!!! Twins are hard work, there is no denying it but you can get help via your health visitor there are volunteers that will come and help you after the birth. Hope all goes well because watching twins developing is absolutely amazing.


  6. I am 17 weeks along in my twin pregnancy. I have 3 boys, ages 7, 4 and 2. I find myself really tired, even if I sleep in and get a good amount of sleep at night. My husband is really good with getting up with our 2 year old at night, he’s been waking up for different reasons, and letting me sleep but I find that no matter how well I eat, how much sleep I get and how much exercise I get, I still am just tired all the time. I try and keep myself somewhat busy so I don’t just sit around and feel tired but come the end of the day, I am just exhausted. I am taking iron pills every other day but don’t know if those are really helping. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks!

  7. Am 22 weeks twin pregnancy,just found out having twins last week,am real confused right now,neither my ex who is responsible for this doesn’t want to hear anything from me especially concerning this pregnancy and his responsibilities,nor my family wants because they are very ashamed of me, having pregnancy before marriage,I don’t know how can I take this anymore!

    • I no the feeling my ex want nothing to do with my twins and  my fam isnt taken sucha big part in this even tho i feel like giving up i think about the blessings i was giving and how much love i can give my kids and all my worries about him not being there n my fam not taken part dont matter to me at all …just think about ur bleseings ..if u want to eva talk u can email me kellzm88@gmail  take care and keep ur head up

  8. I have been married almost 16 years and we have a wonderful 14 year old son. I just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant with twins. Needless to say, I was completely shocked by the pregnancy and then to add on to it that it will be multiples, well, I think we are still in denial at this point. My husband and I are excited but I am also terrified. I am a stay at home mom but I question myself on whether I am going to be able to handle the babies by myself during the day, I wonder when I am going to sleep, and I feel overwhelmed that we have absolutely no baby supplies. I guess I am still in a little shock. Any advice would be helpful!!!

    • Leanne,
      Congratulations!!! I do understand the shock. But do not worry so much. The hard sleepless period is very short and you will manage. There are tips on the site on how to deal with that.
      You do need some help and support. So don’t be shy to ask for help when it is needed. As for baby supplies you basically need 2+ of everything.  You can view the tabs under Twin baby needs as well.
      Let us know of any questions. Your pregnancy is at very beginning stages and the most important thing you can do right now is take care of yourself and have regular Dr’s appointments.

  9. My boys are 16 months old! It is a lot of work but worth every second!!! Enjoy EVERY minute of it!

  10. I am 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys. We have been trying for 3.5 years & lost our first baby 1.5 years ago. We are super excited & have wonderful doctors, thank god!!  Any advice I need from moms of twins?

    • Helo Tina,
      My name is debora,38 and also im now in my 20 weeks of twin pregnancy. This is the first time forme to be pregnant. Were little bit shock finding out that i had twins in my tummy..happy,excited also thought it would be hard work for me and husband. I see dr and have echo every 3weeks. The doctor said, everything is great and beautiful :)She also checked my womb, and it is good, so the posibility of the babies come early is very little.. Me and husband are very happy…and hope, pray everything will be fine and stay good till i give a birth..Hope the same too to you Tina.

  11. Rachel Smith says:

    Hi am also pregnant with twins I am 31 due in June I am scared but I do have a good support team so hopefully I will be fine. I am worried about the labor and I am scared but I am praying everything will be ok

  12. I’m 31 weeks pregnant with twin girls, and i’m having a mix of emotions about labor and delivery. This is my second pregnancy, I have an 11yr old son, that is worried the girls are going to take over, before he cried out for siblings, i guess the excitment has changed his emotions also. Im mostly always sleepy, tired, and drained for energy. Unlike, my first pregnancy i really don’t have any specific cravings for big food, like burgers, fries or the meal deals, my cravings is something like Crushed Ice, (sonic). I would like some help in kinda determining what to really expect from delivery?? Some would say,” OH its no different.” Maybey its just me..

  13. I have a 2 year old son. Any suggestions on what type of stroller would be suitable for my 3 kids under three? Twins are due in Oct.

  14. Heather says:

    I am 21 weeks pregnant and my husband and I went in for our 20 week ultrasound this past week to find out if we were having a boy or a girl…imagine our surprise when we saw TWO HEADS!!! Yup, they missed it on the 1st ultrasound so we had no clue until this week. Trying to cope with the idea of adding 2 more boys to the 2 we already have 🙂 So definitely feeling overwhelmed…plus trying to gather up the things we need and trying to fend off the worry about having them early since we are already more than half way thru the pregnancy!!!! Any advice would be MORE than appreciated!!!!!!

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Hi Heather,

      Do not worry so much. You have made it so far without any issues which is great. Not all twins are born early… you should see your care giver more often to monitor your pregnancy progress carefully. This will give you some assurance as well.

      You are an experienced mom, so you need to double up on everything and get tons of help at the beginning.
      There are lots of tips on the site on how to cope with your pregnancy and with your babies.
      Let us know if you have any questions.

      Take care and welcome to mother of twins.

  15. Nichole Campbell says:

    Hello all,

    Can anyone tell me how their body felt leading up to the time you found out you were pregnant with twins. I’ve been trying to find out how and what your body goes through in the first couple of weeks. I’m a proud mother of four children and just want some insight on my pregnancy now that I’m having twins.

    Thanks in advance,

  16. cecilia says:

    I just found out a week ago that i’m having twins, i have a 1 year old and a 2 year old. at first having another baby didn’t seem bad because i have lots of support from my family, but having twins was not in my plans at all. now just to thing what am i going to do with 4 babies drives me crazy, and i’m really scared specially knowing that a twin pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy, im worried about how i’m going to take good care of my 2 babies when i have to take so much care whit the pregnancy. any advice?

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Hi Cecilia,

      Don’t worry. Not all twin pregnancies are scary. You will need to get more checkups and hopefully all will be fine. The thought of it is sure scary particularly having 1 and 2 year olds around. Get all the help that people offer you but make sure you take care of yourself as well.

      Keep us posted on your progress and all the best.

  17. Nichole Campbell says:

    No need to respond… Thanks anyway… 🙂

  18. mommy to 2 girls says:

    Hi everyone. 
    i am a mom of two girls, 7 and 3yrs. With my first daughter, i wanted to have a boy soo bad, but instead i got my daughter who is suuch a sweetheart. With my second pregnancy, i was ssoooo hoping and wishing for twin boys because i have always wanted to have 2 boys and only 1 girl, but i had my second daughter instead. I must say i was sooo disappointed and i always felt jealous of anyone who had a baby boy. I just couldnt understand why God did not give me my hearts desire and yet gave other people what they wanted and did not even ask for. Now i am in my third pregnancy  and iam 5 weeks along. I have prayed yet again for God to give me twin boys as this is my last pregnancy and would still love to have 2 baby boys. I know twins are hard work, but i just cant help myself. My hubby is the only son among three girls in his family and i would love more than anything to give him two people who would carry on his name! He is also the only one among his friends who doesnt have a son and this kind of makes me feel sad for him. I know he would be thrilled to have twin boys. I am obsessed with the idea of having twin boys and have read anything about twin boys. The only thing is that i dont have any of the signs and symptoms written about in all these links for having twins. My pregnancy is absolutely different from my first two. I have no sickness and feel alot hungry, can eat almost anything. I dont have nausea, my breasts are not too sore and my bump is not really showing. The only confidence i have is that i have prayed for these boys and hoping and believing God has heard my cry! 

  19. I’m 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant with boy/girl twins. I had an ultrasound   done today to check how they was growing.  The dr said  baby a  (boy) is 3 pounds 10 ounces and baby b (girl) is 3 pounds 8 ounces.   They are both  head  down and measuring about 30 weeks 3 days.   Is this normal  with twins?  This is my 4 pregnancy . 

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Hi Teecka,
      If your Doctor seemed fine then everything should be fine. We cannot give medical advice on this site.
      All the best.

      • Thank you. I was just wondering if this was to be expect with twins. My dr said they are bigger than most twins at this stage but they are very healthy. I was just wondering if any other mom’s was told about their little ones. I trust my dr very much and would just like some advice for other twin mom’s please.

        • Hello Teecka
          I don’t think you have anything to worry about I had twin boys last year at 38 weeks and their weight was always more than expected. They were born at almost 7 lbs which all the nurses were surprised about and that I even made it that far. Congrats 🙂

    • Im 15 weeks 3days at this stage my twins are suppose to be 2 1/2 oz each but there 5 but i carry big any way so it expected

  20. Hi im 19 weeks pregnant with twin boys, I get so nervous when I hear about all da horror stories that people tell about there losses… How do I get over my fear and will I ever? 


    • Mother of Twins says:

      Hi Shemela,
      You should relax and stay positive. Every pregnancy is different. Some have issues some don’t! Focus on all the moms of twins who had it easy or overcame some issues.
      All you can do is to take care of yourself and have regular checkups.
      Hope this helps.

  21. Hi,
    I found out im pregnant with twins. Im only 7 weeks along, but im going to be 24 in  week. Is it weird im having Twins so young?

  22. Hey I’m not a “mother of twins” I’m a father but I have a few curious questions..
    I have 28 month old  twin identical girls jada/jaylen I jus wanted to know how did your twins act or what did you experience around this age. 
    Examples like: did they like sleeping or staying up at night, were they talking alot, picky eaters, were they shy of adults or other toddlers.  
    Anyways Thanks! for any response/advice 

  23. Hi everyone. Nice to read stories from all the mums with twins.

    We already have 8-year old twin girls and I’m currently pregnant for 11 weeks with another set of twins!
    Though my pregnancy at the moment is very far from what I had experienced before… whole day sickness and nausea striking daily. But I’m sure I’ll get over this (hopefully very soooooon!).
    All the BEST for us MUMS! 

  24. Hi all.  I have a specific question.  I am mostly being impatient.  It is Sunday and I have to wait until tomorrow for my ultrasound appointment to check for twins.  This is my 7th pregnancy, 6th baby.  I am 36.  I nursed my last child for a year.  Right after the very first period/ovulation returned I got pregnant.  I am reading a lot about calcium depletion in nursing mommas and getting pregnant with twins.  What about “Just finished nursing”?  We’re talking, just a few weeks of no nursing and then getting pregnant, here!  When you throw in my age and all the pregnancies I’ve had, what are the odds?  I have this crazy hunch, but I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment.  I have been really sick, but I’m always sick.  I’m only 9 weeks but sometimes look 6 months.  But, I have had so many babies I guess I am a little “stretchy”?  Does anyone have any insight to the calcium depletion right after nursing has stopped.  I am eating a plan called “Trim Healthy Mama” which is a lot of cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc… which stacks my odds, too!  I would so love twins!  That would be the icing on the cake for this old mama!  I welcome your input!  Thanks! 

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Sorry not sure about calcium depletion. But one thing I do know is that for healthy bones you do need Vitamin D. There are studies that indicate calcium from dairy is not best source!!!! (I know this my sound controversial to many people). You are right being pregnant so many times before tends to stretch things but it could be twins too.
      I wish I could help more.
      All the best and let us know if you are having twins.

      • I guess, what I meant was all that cheese may stack my odds of having twins as well.  It’s been proven that momma’s that eat a lot of dairy have twins.  It’s all the hormones in the milk.  I’m already old (lol) and with the possible depletion of calcium in my body from just stopped nursing, I was just wondering if that really put me in a twin place?  It’s a weird question, I know.  🙂

  25. Hello
    im 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant with twins when I went for my scan they said there is no fluid around one of my twin I have to go to for a twin scan to find out whats happening they said it doesn’t look very well so far and that they cant yet tell me what it going till happen until Wednesday when I go for the twin scan they did say don’t expect a heart with the twin with no fluid is this is devastating. We were so shocked/blessed to be having twins and now to know one will most likely not make it is so hard to wrap my head around. also they said if the other twins does die that they couldn’t say my other twin will be ok I am hoping for a miracle when we go Wednesday and that there is fluid and a good chance for our babys. if anyone is going through the same thing or have good or bad I could do with someone to talk to how know how im felling iv had to wait 6 days knowing that there is something up with one of my twins for the twin scan on Wednesday.

    • So sorry for what you are going through. I did some research around the topic. Looks like even with low amniotic fluid twins have a chance of survival. However, you will need to be monitored carefully. Lets hope for the best and please keep us posted.

  26. i want to know about 7 month pregency status

  27. I found out at a 10 week ultrasound that I’m expecting twins. I was shocked of course. I already have a 2 year old son and by the time babies come he will nearly be three. My son was born with a heart defect (that we didn’t know about till after he was born) So the twins have been close watched. I just had a 12 week ultrasound and found out that Baby B has the two vessel cord which could bring complications of it’s own, as well as a possible club foot and we were told a 1 : 116 chance of down syndrom. I am just so lost and confused and I just don’t even know what I think. 

    • Mother of Twins says:

      So sorry for what you are going though. The fact that you are getting monitored so closely is excellent. I hope you figure out what is best for your family. How is your son doing meanwhile, is his condition under control?

  28. I am 12 weeks today with twins. I am scare but also happy. Is it normal to be emotional?

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Yes absolutely. Your hormones are fluctuating and with that comes a range of emotions. All will be OK.

    • Heidi Mullen says:

      Yes it is I was all though my girls and they are 16 months happy and healthy you will be fine hang in there

  29. Hi my name is Leanne and I am 28 and pregnant for the first time with Twins!! I am super excited yet nervous at the same time and don’t know what to expect really. I am looking for all the advice I can get and am curios if there are websites designed specifically for those expecting twins. Please let me know of any resources or websites that can be of any help. Thank You!!

  30. prudentimommy says:

    on my six week ultrasound it clearly shows two embryos, but my doctor would go bacK, and look at it when I brought it up. My other ultrasounds are only showing one baby though. I did hear two heart beats one time, I am measuring big, and also have the amount of amniotic fluid twins should have. They keep making me feel crazy by telling me there will never be twins in my uterus during this pregnancy! Has anyone had this issue. I would like to put my ultra sound picture up here and have everyone give me there opinion, but I’m not sure how to? I just know there is two. I have felt the movement, and when they measure the “one” baby it’s always two different measurements and a week apart at that! Any help would be amazing! Thanks

  31. I am 27 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins. The girl is on my left and the boy is on my right. I feel him move frequently throughout the day, but I rarely feel her move, maybe just two or three movements once or twice a day. I told my OB about it a week ago, and they did a BPP and said she was fine. It still worries me though. Not having that reassurance that she is okay throughout the day is stressful. Did anyone else experience this with their twins? Could it just be the way she is positioned? Thanks for the help.

  32. I need some advice. I’m going to lose my mind!!  I have 2.5 month old twin boys and they are both  very colicky…with that being said..this message is about my husband. I’m terrified we are not going to make it.  We are constantly battling and u don’t know how to deal with it. 

    He is not very much help..but am I being to hard on him?? He works 5 or 6 days a week and I know the kind of work he does is hard this is why I have never made him get up with the boys in the middle of the night (they wake up to eat every 2 hours ..ALWAYS at the same time) but he doesn’t help out when he gets off work either..he fills up 10 bottles with water for the night and he thinks thata enough..he actually acts frustrated with the boys when they are crying but won’t pick them up.. sometimes he just ignores them.  When I ask him to feed one of them for me he props up a bottle and sits there on his phone and if they cry he immediately says “he needs his mom” (SO FRUSTRATING). he also maybe changes one diaper if that a week and he has to be asked to do it and gets frustrated when he gets them dressed bc they wiggle.  

    Ive always hated how mom’s were afraid to leave their kids with their dads bc I think that alone time is so important but now I am that mom.  I’m terrified he’s going to get frustrated..he also thinks letting them “cry it out” is exceptable right now and they aren’t even 2 months old..the one time I left him with them to run to walgreens he had the monitors hooked up and was outside!!  

    I know I’m ranting but I just can’t take it anymore ..he is just being so selfish.  He tells me it was my choice to be a stay at home mom. Which is true but having twins is hard.  He also is constantly making jokes about the house being a mess and asking me what I do all day. The thing that put me over the edge is tomorrow is his one day off this week and he is going to be outside in the garage drinking with his friend and not helping with the kids still and will end up sleeping until 1pm bc he’s hungover the one day he is home and able to help.  

    Has anyone else had this problem?? He thinks it is my job to take care of the kids bc he makes the money.  My whole life all i wanted to do was be able to be a stay at home mom while my kids are young but he makes me feel guilty for it constantly. I’m so lucky to have the chance to stay home with them I know but it bothers me so much bc he doesn’t spend anytime with them or me at that. He comes home plays on his phone and goes to bed at 830pm leaving me with them all night and all day with no help.  I need some advice!! What do I do!! I’m starting to think leaving for a while is my only option 🙁

    • Mother of Twins says:

      I am really sorry about what you are going through. Unfortunately some of your issues sound familiar! Besides your husband, do you have any other family members that can help out?
      I know that for some men having 2 babies is more of a shock than one and they just don’t know how to handle the situation.
      You absolutely deserve some help with taking care of your babies and around the house. If he has time to drink with his friends, he should have time to help you out. Just because you decided to stay home does not mean you don’t need help. Does he realize the cost of hiring help for twins may be your entire salary or more?

      Please think about yourself and your babies. Get help from your parents / friends etc… if you must.
      A note on the colicky. One of my twins was colicky and the Dr. changed the formula and it stopped. You may want to look into that too.
      Also if your babies have put on enough weight, very soon you maybe able to cut down on night feeding. Consult with your doctor on this issue as well.

      It is hard to say what to do except to put yourself and your babies first. Get help however it maybe.

      Vent all you here.

    • I am also struggling with my husband not helping much.. My babies are 2 months. I see you posted this last year, any positive change on your husbsnd’s part? Did things get any easier?

  33. I’m 6 wks pregnant I’ve been having severe abdominal pain in the past 4 weeks and i hv gained weight now the pain gets lighter day by day so im wondering if im expecting twin since there r twins on my father’s side. I went for scan bt it doesn’t show if it’s twins or not.

  34. Allison Young says:

    Hi, can anyone make a recommendation on how many hours of help would be needed right after having twins? Can anyone suggest a website or resource to help find a part-time nanny or helper?

  35. Hi, I’m a mother of twin girls who are three years old right now. Is there any moms going through this terrible 3 stage and potty training?? This is the hardest,except giving birth, that I have ever had to do. Is there anyone out there that can tell me it gets better or give me some positive advice? My dad lives in Texas and my mom and I aren’t very close so its definitely been a challenge on raising my girls. I’ve read every book,magazine and blogs you can think of but this stage is so hard that I’m constantly in tears as soon as I put them to bed. I’m a very energetic and happy positive person but this past year has really taken a toll on me. I’m not married but i still am with their father but most men don’t really help anyways so I feel alone. I feel so stressed and over exhausted trying to take on everything(cooking,cleaning,errands,taking care of the household) plus potty training and trying to be the best mom its hard. Can anyone help.me? Lol sorry to sound like such a horrible pathetic mom but when you have two your first time being a mom its super overwhelming ?

  36. Kate Currell says:

    I am definitely not a writer and certainly the furtherest thing from an expert but as a granddaughter of a twin, sister to twins , wife of a twin and mother of twins I often find myself reflecting on life as a sibling to twins!
    From the day I found out that my daughter Ella was going to be a big sister, I knew she was as lucky as me! She had been blessed with being the older sister to a set of twins! 
    At the little age of two and half we had both been given a special role that required loving two new babies, both equally, both at the same time, all the while sharing mummy and daddy!
    As the months past my body began to adapt and we grew together to the sound of 3 beating hearts! With good health and luck on my side, we breezed through 37 weeks and 4 days to safely deliver two very healthy, tiny little babies! 
    A Boy and a Girl! A pidgon pair! For Ella, a protector for life and a best friend forever!
    The past 2 years have certainly tested every inch of me, both as a person and as a mother. My babies are my world and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them!! This isn’t to say that I didn’t worry about my ability to love equally and care for all 3 under 3, but with many sleepless nights and tears wiped away we have survived!
    Ella has shown an amazing love for her brother and sister in what have been trying times! She has shared her parents, grandparents, friends, toys and her love, for that I couldn’t be prouder!
    Life as she knew it was never going be the same, though her innocence and youth would allow this transition to unfold without a memory! She would never be able to recall the life she had before the arrival of the babies. These gorgeous little newborns initially consumed the majority of our time, conversation and attention from not only our immediate family but from anyone who came in contact with the popular new arrivals.
    In all honesty it did have an impact on my little girl, no matter how hard I tried and how conscious I was about it, their arrival did change her! It changed her behaviour, her attitude and her relationship with me! Some of these changes were positive and heart warming, they were signs she was growing up, not the baby anymore and watching her adjust to life as a sister was at times comforting! My secret fears had surfaced and there were definitely some unsettling changes that at times would upset me. The love she had for the twins was instant and one of care, protection and the desire to smother them with love . Her attitude towards my husband and I was at times upsetting and with the pregnancy hormones flowing and two newborns who depended on me around the clock, there were certainly tears shed out of fear and sadness for the changes in my little girl. I felt responsible for what she was feeling and for the mix of emotions she was obviously trying to balance. 
    In saying that, as time went on she ajusted quickly and before long she was the most helpful little shadow I could ask for! In hindsight I had given her the greatest gift I could, a brother and a sister!
    As I reflect on my own childhood that I shared with twin brothers I whole heartedly recall love, treasured memories and a very privileged up bringing that provided me with an exceptional example of family and unity!
    There have been a few bumps along the way and we are still learning everyday of ways to cope with a busy household that includes twins. I certainly couldn’t have made it here today with out the help, support and love from my mum! This blessing of twins has been given to me by my mum who is also my best friend, I could not have imagined doing it without her! We defiantly share a bond greater than I could ever explain! 
     As we continue on this journey all I can hope and pray for is that my 3 children continue to grow into healthy, strong, loving little people and that I can protect them and keep them safe from the sometimes scary world we live in!
    I kiss them every night before they go to bed and thank god for the greatest gift I could ask for .. Being a mum!

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Thank you for the amazing post. You are such a great mother. Hats off to you. You are absolutely right. The first borns who are followed by twins do have a lot to deal with and that varries by age difference.

      Thanks again for your post.

  37. Angela Easton says:

    I’m 38 year old mom of three. I’m also pregnant with twins. My oldest is 18 then a 14 and my youngest 11. Now I’m starting all the way over. I just Thank God for my blessings…TWIN GIRLS 2016

  38. Hi. I am a mother of twins looking for support. The general public makes rude comments and there are a lot of jealous people. Just want my efforts acknowledged.


  39. I just had my first ultrasound today 5 weeks along and was told I’m having twins, but she only saw one heartbeat and the other sac you could see something inside but she could not see a heartbeat. She said to come back in two weeks to do another scan. Any advice would be great as I’m freaking out.

    • Mother of Twins says:

      Hi Leila,

      It is really hard to hear heartbeat properly at this early stage. So no need to worry right now. Plus worrying will just stress you and your babies out.

      Wishing you all the best,

  40. michelle says:

    Hi Beautiful ladies!

     Congrats on all the multiple pregnancies! Im a mom of an extremely busy 3 yr old daughter and expecting identical girls beggining of July.. 🙂 Huge shock as no twins in the family but an amazing blessing!
     Anyway im 28 weeks preg and have loved it up until 2 weeks ago. Oh my goodness…  Moms.. did you have any horrible aches pains etc at this stage in pregnancy? My stomach is rock hard and it pains 24-7. I feel like my hole stomach is covered in bruises.. I cant sleep at night or even rest in the day as everytime i have to turn sides im in pain..I moan and grunt the hole night.. My poor hubby has the world of patience.. this coupled with horendous back pain, constant constipation, miserable pelvis pain, pressure all over tummy which doesnt ease..  Pregnancy pillow no help whatsoever!

    Its getting to a stage where i just dont know how long i can carry on. And whats worse is i dont even have energy to take proper care of my daughter that needs as much of my love and care as possible right now 🙁
    Any moms feel the same or felt the same? please any reply would be so awesome… 

  41. I am pregnant I think I am 8weeks pregnant, my symptoms are: can’t stand my sons nappy when is wet, can’t stand the smell of my own pee. I am hungry all the time and my 21 months still breastfeeding as well. I have a lower back ache, when I sit I feel so uncomfortable at the beginning it feels like I can feel the baby down there when sitting. I have a scan booked on the 12th of July it just feels so so far away, oh yes I am always tired and feel like I did not have a sleep. Could I be preggo with twins?

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